November 7, 2018

How Commercial Landscaping Companies Can Help in Winter

Like homeowners, businesses tend to apply the value of commercial landscape service to the times of year a lawn is active. Spring brings about the start of the mowing season; summer calls for more frequent watering to keep grass healthy and green; and fall warrants a fertilizer application before the ground freezes, amongst other needs.

The road doesn’t end there, though. Even when a property goes dormant in the winter, there are still plenty of ways commercial landscaping companies can help maintain the health and safety your outdoor space. Here are four examples.

4 Commercial Landscape Services for the Winter

Snow Removal

Property managers and homeowner associations (HOAs) in Northeast Ohio are no strangers to the impact of snow accumulation. Not only do these conditions create safety hazards for occupants, they can also hinder operations by inhibiting the flow of traffic within the property.

Rather than dealing with these issues as they arise, businesses can take the more proactive approach and connect with commercial landscaping companies prior to winter. That way, when a snowstorm hits, resources will be readily available to handle snow removal in a timely, effective manner.

De-icing and Ice Management

While winter conditions can be hazardous enough on their own, ice adds another layer of concern—especially when it’s hidden beneath snow, as is often the case. Individuals walking across parking lots, sidewalks and driveways are more likely to slip and fall, opening up the potential for personal injury claims.

Commercial landscaping companies that offer de-icing and ice management help combat these issues. Neutralizing the ice (and removing dripping icicles that add to the accumulation) makes it safer to access properties and minimizes the likelihood of getting hit with lawsuits and insurance claims.

Snow Hauling/Loader Work

Once snow is removed from respective parts of a property, there needs to be a plan in place to move what’s collected. This boils down to deciding whether snow piles should be relocated to another area of the property or be completely removed, and having the proper equipment to accomplish the job at hand.

Beyond plowing, commercial landscaping companies can haul snow across the premises and drop it off at pre-designated dump sites. Doing so avoids obstructions that can affect the aesthetics of a space as well as its use, such as the parking of vehicles.

Plant Material Protection

Winter weather can be rather harsh on plants. The combination of snow and ice with a lack of moisture and less sunlight can interrupt the flow of nutrients and water to shrubs and bushes, and ultimately damage their vitality when they awake in the spring.

Before temperatures take an unexpected dip, it’s recommended that plants are equipped with the protection they need to thrive in the long term. Having commercial landscaping companies wrap shrubs and bushes in burlap as well as apply anti-desiccants helps do the trick: Plants receive the air and water they need while having a protective coating to block out elements.

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