December 27, 2018

Types of Businesses a Commercial Landscaper Can Serve

With the new year ahead, businesses need to revisit their budget for landscape maintenance. Business owners may want to overhaul the look of an older landscape that continues to deteriorate over time, or perhaps the addition of new plants and rough weather conditions calls for greater maintenance.

Oftentimes, these roads lead to the same destination: a commercial landscaper.

But before you begin your outreach efforts, you want to better understand how commercial landscapers can address concerns specific to your property.

To speak to this, we’ll look at some of the businesses commercial landscapers typically serve and the benefits of their services in each case.

Retail, Hotels & Restaurants

When it comes to the recipe of success for retail centers, hotels and restaurants, creating a memorable experience has always been a focal point. But without the same degree of thought and care that goes into the design of the indoor space, businesses can miss out on sales before potential customers even make it through the front door.

By hiring a commercial landscaper, your store, hotel or restaurant can successfully draw in more visitors and continue to delight returning guests. Here are some services that contribute to this:

Industrial & Commercial Properties

Whether it’s job applicants coming in for interviews or meetings with prospective clients, the first thing visitors notice is the exterior of a business. In order to attract their interest from the start—and stand out from competitors—these companies must keep properties well-groomed and safe year-round.

Services from a commercial landscaper help create an environment where visitors feel comfortable and confident about the quality of the business. They include:

  • Regular mowing that gives lawns an inviting look and feel
  • Winter pruning to maintain the size and health of plants
  • Mulching that protects trees from issues like weed growth

These same efforts also make workspaces more satisfying for existing employees, who can better utilize and enjoy the outdoor space.

Apartments & Condominiums

When tenants lease an apartment or owners purchase a condo, one of the benefits they expect is landscape care throughout every season. In the case that homeowner associations or property managers fail to deliver on this front, current residents are likely to voice complaints and eventually relocate to another apartment/condo complex that protects their investment.

With a commercial landscaper in their corner, these residences can gain a competitive edge in the housing market. Here are some services that make a difference:

  • Mowing and fertilization to help grass flourish and keep out pests
  • Removal of unsightly cracks in pavement that present safety risks
  • Care for seasonal beds and planters that complement the exterior

With this enhanced curb appeal, buildings are more apt to peak the interest of potential tenants and buyers and reassure them of the care that goes into the space.

Healthcare & Medical Facilities

From the moment patients enter a hospital to the moment they leave, safety is of the utmost importance. That means that a facility’s commercial landscape needs to be as well-maintained as its interior, free of ice or hazards that can cause people to trip or fall.

That’s where the value of a commercial landscaper shines. In addition to lawn care services that can help create a healing atmosphere for patients, snow/ice management makes it easier for individuals (employees included) to access the properties of healthcare and medical facilities. This is true in the sense of parking spots available as well as the neutralization of ice that would otherwise stall mobility and raise safety concerns.

As a commercial landscaper, Green Impressions has an extensive list of satisfied clients across various business types. Find out more about our commercial landscape services here.




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