May 21, 2020

Pet-Friendly Backyard Ideas that Your Dog Will Love

Regular time outside is beneficial to dogs for a variety of reasons. It’s a chance for them to release energy, get exercise, take in fresh air and keep their mind occupied. So it’s no wonder when dogs hear the words “walk” or “outside”, they tend to bolt for the door!

Getting outside with your pet, however, doesn’t have to mean heading to the nearest park. Pet-friendly backyard ideas can help turn your outdoor space into the perfect playground for your dog(s) — no matter the size, age or breed.

4 Pet-Friendly Backyard Ideas to Consider for Your Northeast Ohio Home

A Water Feature

Just as dogs tend to love the outdoors, the same can be said for water. From swimming pools to lakes, our four-legged friends enjoy the fun of splashing around in water. Not to mention, it also helps them beat the summer heat.

The beauty of a backyard water feature is that it benefits pets and people alike. While a splash fountain or pond can provide your dog(s) with entertainment and a place to cool off, the feature helps create a relaxing environment for homeowners through its soothing sights and sounds.

Shady Spots

While dogs appreciate their time in the sun, they also crave shade, especially on those hot summer days. In the midst of playing and exercising outside, dogs can become uncomfortable in direct sunlight, with many prone to heat stress and even sunburns in some cases.

Creating shady spots in your backyard can be accomplished in a variety of ways. On one hand, you could invest in a pergola — a shaded sanctuary that offers unique aesthetic appeal and helps block out the sun’s harsh rays. If you’re looking for a more portable solution, you could build a collapsible pet shade tent that can be set up in your backyard or packed into your car.

Dining Area

It’s no secret that dogs enjoy their meals and snacks. While they’re accustomed to eating alongside their owners inside, the same kind of rhythm can be established outdoors.

If you have an outdoor dining area set up in your backyard, create a dining space for your dogs as well. This designated spot will allow pets to dine with their owners when the weather permits, and in the same swoop, help keep them off the tables and chairs.

(Tip: To help keep your landscape looking tidy, build a platform that keeps food and water bowls concealed when they’re not in use.)


By nature, dogs like to explore. You’ve probably seen it when you head to a hiking trail — they begin to wag their tail in excitement, and take in all the sights and smells of their surroundings.

Integrating pathways into your backyard landscape design creates a similar effect. With different routes to explore that are free of obstacles, dogs can keep themselves entertained while they migrate to and from different areas of the yard. All the while, these paths help to define portions of the landscape so that dogs stay away from flower beds and other plants.

Feeling inspired by these pet-friendly backyard ideas? As a landscape design professional, Green Impressions has the experience and knowledge to help you bring these ideas to life. To get the conversation started, request your free consultation today.





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