May 14, 2020

3 Ideas for Low-Maintenance Front Yard Landscape Design

Do more with less. It’s a theme we see in many facets of life — from the office to the home, individuals want to find ways to minimize manual tasks and free up more time in their day.

This mindset helps explain the shift toward low-maintenance landscape design. Homeowners want their yard to make the right impression, but in the face of hectic schedules, they don’t want to spend a ton of time on its upkeep. They’d rather spend that time enjoying their outdoor space.

Here are some ideas on how to make a front yard landscape design look beautiful without hours of care.

1. Install a Paver Driveway

While asphalt and concrete may be touted as durable materials, pavers are actually much stronger and can support more weight (four times the weight of poured concrete, to be exact). With respect to driveway design, this is especially important. Over time, the weight of vehicles can cause slabs of asphalt or concrete to crack. When this happens, portions of the driveway may need to be resurfaced or replaced.

(Please note that vehicle traffic is only one of many reasons that concrete or asphalt driveways can crack. The seasonal stresses of hot temperatures and the freeze-thaw cycle can also lead to deterioration.)

Because pavers driveways are more durable, they are better able to withstand stress from any source, whether it be physical pressure or environmental conditions. This means fewer repairs over their lifetime — and in the rare event that a paver does break, you’ll only have to replace a single unit versus large sections or the entire driveway.


Source: Unilock

It’s also worth noting that paver driveways are easier to clean. Let’s use the example of motor oil stains. While these types of stains can quickly absorb into porous concrete and asphalt, pavers (like those from Unilock) are outfitted with stain-resistant surface protection so clean-up is faster, and discoloration is avoided.

2. Grow Native Plants

When plants are moved away from their surroundings to a new climate, they can feel like a fish out of water. Shifts in temperature and precipitation, among other elements, can cause plants to undergo stress that ultimately inhibits their growth. In an effort to counteract this stunted growth, homeowners have to provide more extensive care.

While the maintenance to-do list can vary based on the type of plant, non-native (or exotic) plants tend to require more frequent watering and fertilization to adapt to their new environment. They also require the increased management of pesticides, as they have lower risk tolerance.

The beauty of native plants is they’re already acclimated to conditions of the local environment. This means that they require less water, fertilizer and pesticides than non-native plants. While you’ll save time and costs, water will be conserved and stormwater runoff will be reduced.


Source: Getty Images

(Whether you’re looking for pops of color or subtle additions to your Northeast Ohio yard, you’ll find plenty of native plants to choose from. Check out this article for details.)

3. Invest in LED Lighting

The adoption of LED lighting has steadily increased in recent years — and for good reason. Not only do residential LEDs use 75% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs, but they also last 25 times as long without a decrease in light output.

Because LED products have an extended life span, fewer trips are needed to the store to pick up replacement bulbs. This minimizes the costs associated with the replacement parts, as well as the labor required to install them.

While a switch over to LED landscape lighting simplifies care, it offers immense flexibility from a design perspective. Path lights, steps lights, floodlights — the options are endless!


Source: Getty Images

Feeling inspired by these low-maintenance front yard landscape design ideas? Connect with the team at Green Impressions, and we’ll help bring these concepts to life.




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