May 7, 2020

Subtle Ways to Include Backyard Storage in Your Design

Just as clutter can accumulate inside your home, the same can be said for your landscape. Whether it’s toys for your children and pets or a sea of lawn care tools, clutter can be a nuisance to any backyard, especially those where there is already limited space.

The good news is there are a lot of ways homeowners can weave storage into their outdoor area without taking up too much space or competing with other elements in the landscape.

3 Subtle (But Effective) Ideas for Backyard Storage

Built-In Cabinets in an Outdoor Kitchen

Kitchen supplies can easily take over an outdoor kitchen. With little counter space to work on and a disorganized mess to sort through, what could have been a relaxing afternoon grilling in the backyard can turn into a headache.

That’s where built-in cabinets can come in handy. This type of backyard storage fits seamlessly into the design of the outdoor kitchen while offering a spot to hide away barbecue essentials — a far more convenient scenario for the chef. Keep in mind that these same cabinets can also be designed to store bulkier items like propane tanks and trash cans.


Source: Unilock

Patio Benches with Storage Underneath

Whether you’re kicking back with a book in the backyard or entertaining guests, you want to set the scene for comfort. This could mean adding cushions and pillows to outdoor furniture or grabbing firewood to start the fireplace. Backyard storage built into your patio bench makes these items easily accessible when needed, and out-of-sight and protected when not in use.

While we’ve highlighted a few examples of what these patio benches can store, the use cases extend far beyond that. Garden tools, lawn chairs, lawn games, pool essentials — a patio bench can store it all while providing cozy seating for your family and friends.


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A Murphy-Style Bar

You may be familiar with the old-school Murphy-style beds. But have you heard of murphy-style bars? As the name suggests, these bars are mounted to the wall in an upright position and hidden behind a closure. When the closure is folded down, the bar is available for use and the items stored inside the cabinet are visible.

For small backyards, Murphy-style bars are an ideal choice. You’ll have adequate room to prepare drinks for your guests, with the bar itself doubling as storage for any drinks, garnishes or serveware that are helpful to keep on-hand. Without taking up more space in your backyard, this form of outdoor storage will save you plenty of trips back inside.


Source: Pinterest

At Green Impressions, we recognize the value of backyard storage — and we work with our clients to identify the optimal storage solutions for their outdoor space. To learn more about how we can help with your landscape design needs, contact us today.




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