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February 5, 2019

What's New in Landscape Lighting?

When Houzz surveyed more than 750 homeowners with a landscape design project planned, in the works or recently completed, they were able to pinpoint popular features that bonded these outdoor living spaces. While televisions (59 percent), lounge furniture (43 percent) and fire pits (38 percent) were some amenities that topped the list, landscape lighting was also a popular choice, with 35 percent of homeowners leveraging this feature as part of their landscape design.

While landscape lighting has become a more common design element in residential spaces, this isn’t the only change that has taken shape. While creating ambiance and extending the use of landscapes was once the core focus of lighting technology, recent advancements have introduced new layers of security and safety that make its use all the more appealing.

Here, we’ll put a spotlight on the latest trends to emerge in landscape lighting.

LED Step Lights For Safe Navigation

LED lights have made quite a name for themselves in landscape design. Whether systems are large or small, these energy-efficient lights can save homeowners a considerable amount in energy bills as compared to traditional lighting fixtures. Not to mention, they require less maintenance than their incandescent counterparts because LED bulbs have a much longer life span.

One of the areas where LED landscape lights have started to appear is alongside or beneath stairs. By illuminating the area in front of each step that leads up to a backyard deck or front porch, homeowners and guests are safely guided to their destination. This style of landscape lighting reduces the potential for falls or injuries that can occur due to features or other debris that may otherwise go unnoticed in the dark.

All-In-One Smart Security Lights

With the new wave of smart technology on the market, homeowners are able to stay more connected to their home from remote locations. Whether it’s adjusting the thermostat by a few degrees or turning off an electrical outlet, there are mobile apps available that make these updates as simple as the click of a button.

The same can be said for landscape lighting. Let’s use the Kuna smart home security light as an example. Aside from helping to prevent break-ins at night, this technology is synced to home Wi-Fi networks and instantly alerts homeowners via their smartphone when someone is approaching their front or back door and shows video footage. Through the intercom system, they can then directly communicate with the individual or access emergency services if needed.

Mosquito Lights to Keep Pests at Bay

From their loud buzzing sounds to their relentless nature, mosquitoes can be a quite a nuisance to homeowners. But beyond these qualities is an even larger source of concern: they are dangerous. Mosquitoes carry viruses and diseases that humans and pets can contract when bitten, which can lead to serious illness in some cases.

Whereas sprays and mists offer a temporary fix, NuTone Haven’s Backyard Light & Mosquito Repellent Fixture delivers a more long-term and convenient solution. The energy-efficient light fixtures naturally blend into landscapes, with each fixture providing up to 110 square feet of mosquito protection—all without any unpleasant sounds or odors. This allows homeowners to enhance the safety and comfort of their outdoor space at every corner.

As you map out your own landscape design project, we hope that these trends in landscape lighting serve as a source of inspiration. Stay tuned for more on what’s new in landscape design for 2019!





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