January 29, 2019

Local Landscaping Jobs: How to Find the Right Fit

If you’re in the market for a local landscaping job, you may run across a few similar positions in your research. While each may seem appealing in its own right, there are certain elements to look for in a job—as well as the relative company—that can help you identify the best fit.

Here’s a look at how different factors can impact your job experience for the better.

What to Look for in Local Landscaping Jobs

Opportunities to Advance in the Company

In a poll of nearly 5,000 professionals, 33 percent noted that their top reason for leaving a job is boredom. That’s because many employees are motivated by new challenges in the workplace and the potential to take on more responsibilities as time goes on.

Identifying local landscaping jobs with opportunities for professional growth can save you the hassle of going back to the drawing board a few years later. Leaders should help workers succeed in their current roles and look for ways to move hard-working employees up in the ranks, with new duties, job titles and office spaces.

Support for Personal Growth

Growth doesn’t necessarily have to come in the form of promotions. Personal development opportunities are just as valuable in inspiring employees in the workplace.

For local landscaping jobs, this type of advancement can come in many forms. It can be as simple as stocking offices with healthy food options or planning industry-related seminars that train employees in the latest landscape techniques and products on the market.

Reward and Recognition Programs

According to HR Today, 42 percent of companies have created peer recognition programs. And for good reason: Giving peers the chance to nominate other workers for awards can boost employee engagement and let those positive vibes ripple down to customer interactions.

Whereas pins and coffee mugs have been used as rewards in the past, more creative gifts are now used to praise employees. Oftentimes, these are based on experiences—perhaps it’s a dinner out with the boss, an off-site team-building activity or an impromptu day off.

The Chance to Work with a Passionate Staff

Passion in the workplace is contagious. When new talent sees the dedication (and excitement) that current employees have for their work, they are more likely to feed off this sentiment and develop positive thoughts of their own.

As you look for local landscaping jobs, make sure that staff morale aligns with this vision. Not only does this speak volumes about the company culture, but it also sets you up for success in working with an experienced, motivated team.

Browse Local Landscaping Jobs at Green Impressions

At Green Impressions, we’ve established a company culture that attracts top talent and retains satisfied employees. Career advancements, personal growth opportunities, reward and recognition programs, and a passionate staff all fall under this umbrella.

Visit the careers section of our website to browse current job openings and fill out an online application. We look forward to hearing from you! 




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