February 1, 2022

How to Cover a Patio: 4 Options to Consider

Many homeowners opt to cover their patio, and for good reason. A little bit of shade goes a long way in keeping your outdoor space comfortable on those hot summer days. The patio and your furniture will stay cooler, while you and your guests can enjoy fresh air without the sun’s harsh rays beating down.

If you’re ready to give your patio coverage, it’s important to explore your options. From umbrellas and retractable awnings to patio pergolas and gazebos, there are a variety of avenues you can take to get patio coverage — each with their own distinct benefits. 

4 Patio Cover Ideas to Choose From

1. Patio Umbrella

When purchasing a table and chairs for your patio, many furniture options will include an insert for a patio umbrella. Or better yet, an umbrella may even come right with the set. When you sit down for an alfresco meal or afternoon cocktails, the umbrella will keep you cool in the shade. Available in a variety of sizes, umbrellas provide feasible patio coverage for small, mid-size, and large backyards. And when not needed, you can simply fold the umbrella back in.


Source: Unilock

2. Retractable Awning

While some patios are accessible via backyard walkways, others are located right outside the back door. In the latter case, a retractable awning attached to the home can be a good option. Along with providing shelter from the sun in the summer, these flexible fabric solutions can also improve the energy efficiency of your home. The shading of windows and glass doors reduces the solar heat your home absorbs, in turn making your home stay cooler with less work.


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3. Patio Pergola

In some cases, patios can be quite expansive and function more like an outdoor living room than just a place to sit. With plenty of room for customization, pergolas can offer a permanent source of protection for these large areas and their amenities, from sectional sofas to outdoor TVs. Much sturdier than their fabric counterparts, pergolas can better withstand the elements while also providing a more comfortable experience for you and your guests.


Source: Green Impressions

4. Gazebo

Like patio pergolas, gazebos also offer fixed protection for patio areas. The main difference between the two is that gazebos tend to have a full roof whereas patio pergolas tend to have a slatted or lattice roof. (That’s not to say patio pergola designs can’t include a full roof!) When placed over an existing patio, gazebos can offer a full range of coverage from not just the sun, but also other inclement weather that can disrupt backyard plans, such as a rain shower.


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Which Patio Coverage Is Right For You?

Ultimately, the decision on how to cover your patio will depend on two things: the actual layout of your backyard and how you want to utilize the space. Do you want the option to let in natural light? Do you want full protection in rain or shine? The answers to questions like these will help you land on the best patio coverage option to suit your needs. 

As a landscape designer and installer, Green Impressions helps Northeast Ohio homeowners create the ideal patio from the ground up. From the installation of high-quality patio pavers to the development of pergola and gazebo structures, we’ll help bring your backyard vision to life.

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