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January 10, 2022

5 LED Landscape Lighting Ideas That Are Sure to Impress

LED lights haven’t only transformed the indoor lighting industry — they’re also reshaping the world of landscape lighting. Aside from being more energy efficient and less maintenance than their traditional counterparts (with a brighter light to boot), LED landscape lights are also smaller in size. A decreased size lends itself to greater flexibility and more unique design opportunities.

As you consider LED landscape lighting ideas for your own Northeast Ohio yard, take stock of some design examples from the Green Impressions portfolio for inspiration.

If You Want to Brighten Up Your Walkways…

Walkways come in many forms within a landscape, whether it’s one that leads from the front yard to the backyard or one that leads you from a paver patio to the firepit. By incorporating LED lighting fixtures alongside these walkways, you and your guests can safely navigate from point A to point B well into the evening hours. What’s more, your outdoor space will feel more inviting.


Source: Green Impressions

If You Want to Illuminate Your Patio Pergola…

From the privacy they provide to the shade they offer on sunny days, patio pergolas have become a popular addition to landscapes. The good news is that, with LED landscape lights, you can get even more use out of this cozy space. In the case of a closed-roof pergola, you could opt for a hanging chandelier with LED bulbs. With an open-roof pergola, LED string lights hung across the structure can create a warm ambiance when the sun goes down.


Source: Green Impressions

If You’ve Got Elevation Changes to Account For…

Stairs can be added to landscapes for a variety of reasons. They can lead down from a home to offer convenient backyard access, or lead up to an elevated space for entertaining or relaxing. In either scenario, LED lighting fixtures can help make these elevation changes more visible at night and thus safer for you and your guests to utilize. 


Source: Green Impressions

If You Want to Highlight Your Natural Surroundings…

Man-made structures don’t always have to be the focus of LED landscape lights. You can also use this same style of lighting to illuminate the natural structures in your Northeast Ohio yard. If you have trees in your front yard or backyard, consider installing LED landscape lighting that accentuates them from the ground up. While adding visual appeal and depth, the addition of uplights also brings light to dark spaces where coyotes, raccoons and other creatures can hide.


Source: Green Impressions

If You Want to Emphasize Your Home’s Architecture…

When lighting the front of your home with LED fixtures, it’s not a matter of choosing one type. You can mix-and-match a variety of lighting designs so you not only brighten up areas around your front yard, but also accentuate your home’s defining architectural features. Whether it’s an elegant front door or a unique blend of stonework, LED landscape lights can help your home put its best foot forward at all times, day and night.


Source: Green Impressions

Pathway lighting, accent lighting, wall lighting — you name it, Green Impressions has LED options to bring your landscape lighting ideas to life. Start the conversation with a complimentary consultation.




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