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September 29, 2020

What Is a Paver Patio?

You may have heard some buzz around paver patios. Their growing popularity. Their benefits over traditional patios. The various styles they come in.

It’s valuable to take things back even one step further and simply define what is a paver patio. The answer will provide insights into why paver patios continue to appear in more backyards — perhaps even those of some neighbors!

The Definitive Structure of a Paver Patio

The easiest way to think of a paver patio structure is like that of a puzzle. Paving stones manufactured to mimic the look and feel of concrete, brick and other traditional materials interlock with one another to create a patterned surface — with natural slits between each unit.

The Impact on Strength

The way in which a paver patio is built plays a big part in its durability. Whereas concrete slabs can crack and split under the pressure of ground movement and temperature shifts, interlocking paving stones are better able to withstand these conditions. The slits between each paver stone give them the flexibility to expand and contract and thus relieve themselves of potential stress. (To put this into perspective, patio pavers are four times stronger than poured concrete.)

The Impact on the Environment

While the slits between paver stones add strength to the structure, they also create a route for water to travel through. In the aftermath of a rainstorm, excess water that collects on the surface of a paver patio is drained through these channels and heads back down into the ground below where it nourishes the soil and plants. Compare this with concrete slabs, where water collects in pools on the patio surface and runs off into storm drains, carrying pollutants with it.

The Impact on Maintenance

Because paver patios are made up of individual units, it’s far easier to address repairs in the rare event a paving stone is damaged. Rather than remove large portions of concrete to resolve the issue, only the damaged pavers need to be removed and replaced — which translates into fewer costs and headaches. What’s more is that paver patios are far less porous than concrete, so it’s easier to remove spills and stains on the patio surface. (Usually, a mild dish soap and water is all that’s needed.)

Choose Unilock Pavers for Your Patio

At Green Impressions, we believe in installing high-quality products that we trust. That’s why we use Unilock pavers in our patio installations. Designed to withstand the harshest conditions and require minimal maintenance, Unilock pavers serve as the building blocks to a patio that blends beautiful aesthetics with high-quality performance.

Thinking about a paver patio for your Northeast Ohio backyard? Talk to the team at Green Impressions, and we’ll see how we can help bring your vision to life.




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