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August 6, 2019

Why Fall Is the Perfect Time for a Pool Installation

When sticky and humid conditions hit Northeast Ohio, it’s natural to want to stay indoors. Rather than be cooped up inside your home, you can choose landscape features that keep you cool.

One of the most popular choices on this list is a swimming pool. Jumping in a pool on a hot summer day can keep you comfortable while you lounge in the sun — an invite that you can easily extend to family and friends as well. After all, ’tis the season for pool parties!

While summer may be the time of year when pool covers come off, the planning process for a pool installation should begin long before then — in the fall to be exact. Here’s why.

Reasons to Break Ground on Your Pool Installation in the Fall

Northeast Ohio homeowners are no stranger to unexpected spring showers. These bouts of rain aren’t just a nuisance to your plans with family and friends; they’ll also push back the timeline of your pool installation. Pool construction sites cannot be wet when excavation begins as this can weaken the foundation and cause heavy machinery to get stuck in the mud.

In the fall, the weather pattern is more predictable. With less rainfall to account for (as well as no moisture remnants from melted snow), the ground will remain drier and there’s less chance for installation delays. So when summer rolls around, your pool is sure to be ready for use.

There’s also the look of your landscape to consider. The same heavy equipment that can get trapped in the mud can also cause some disruption to your lawn. Because summer conditions are not conducive to the growth of new grass, chances are you’ll have to wait to reseed until the fall and look at unsightly bare spots all summer.

Installing a pool in the fall eliminates this concern. Not only does this give your lawn more time to recover naturally, but the fall is also the best time to reseed your lawn. So if you need to fill in bare spots, there won’t be as much competition against the establishment of your new grass.

Ready to get rolling on your pool installation? If so, it’s time to connect with the team at Green Impressions. We’ll help design and install the pool of your dreams — one that’s sure to serve you well all summer. To get started, request your free consultation today.







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