August 13, 2019

Start Planning Now for Your Fall Cleanup and Snow Removal

Pumpkin patches, apple cider and hayrides. Sledding, hot chocolate and ice skating.

While it may seem like the things we love about fall and winter are a ways away, they'll be here before we know it. The same is true for the lawn and landscape maintenance that come with each season — specifically fall cleanup and winter cleanup.

Rather than rely on DIY techniques, the better bet is to hire a professional landscaper. You’ll save time on your fall/winter cleanup and achieve more effective results.

Fall Cleanup & Winter Cleanup for Your Northeast Ohio Home

Leaf Removal

Jumping in a pile of leaves is one of the simple joys of fall for children. Beneath these piles of beautifully colored leaves, however, is a layer of concern. Leaves block sunlight from your lawn and also make it difficult for moisture to evaporate, which can lead to lawn fungus.




While regular raking can counteract this effect, it’s no secret that keeping up with leaves can be a hassle. That’s why it’s best to turn the reins over to a professional. You’ll have more time to enjoy all of fall’s best activities without this cleanup task, and proper techniques will also leave less room for error.

Broken Branches

When heavy, wet snow cakes onto bare trees, weak branches are likely to give way under pressure — and potentially cause damage to the area below. The practice of trimming away weak tree branches (otherwise known as pruning) helps avoid this scenario. Trees are able to regain strength that protects them against harsh winter conditions, as well as redirect resources to other healthy parts of the tree for added protection.




Whereas the right pruning techniques can help the roots of a tree grow stronger, the wrong techniques can result in even more damage. Not to mention, branches may grow over roofs or by electrical lines, which adds more risk to DIY techniques. Hiring a professional landscape team ensures that the job is done right and that safety issues are prevented.

Slippery Ice

The accumulation of snow doesn’t just cause branches to break; it also makes walkways and driveways dangerous to navigate. As snow sits, it melts and refreezes, eventually turning into ice. If snow is not properly removed, slips and falls may occur on ice, with the potential for both minor and serious injuries.




By hiring a professional before winter begins, you’ll take the snow/ice removal responsibility off your shoulders. The top-of-the-line equipment used will produce the best results, and it means you don’t have to worry about investing in snow removal machines or their maintenance.

It’s never too early to start planning ahead for your fall cleanup and winter cleanup. If you’re in the Northeast Ohio area and are looking for a professional to help with your lawn and landscape, contact the team at Green Impressions. Request your free consultation today.





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