January 7, 2020

Covered Outdoor Kitchen Ideas for Year-Round Use

Outdoor kitchens make a nice addition to backyards for several reasons: A space to entertain. Added convenience. Increased property value. And when outdoor kitchens are enclosed, the list of benefits only expands. A covered outdoor kitchen provides the same degree of year-round use that an indoor kitchen has.

So what’s the best way to keep your outdoor kitchen covered? The answer varies based on the layout of your backyard and your preferences.

3 Covered Outdoor Kitchen Ideas to Consider

1. Build a Pergola

Once a common element in Italian Renaissance gardens, pergolas have become a popular choice in modern landscapes as well. That’s because these architectural features provide the best of both worlds: they add definition and shelter without placing constraints around a space.

For homeowners who want a completely covered outdoor kitchen, a fully roofed pergola is the ideal option. That way, rain or shine, the kitchen remains accessible and comfortable. (While it provides less coverage, an open pergola is suitable for homeowners who want to hang plants from the structure and who are more concerned about breaking strong winds and intense heat.)

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2. Combine Outdoor Kitchen with Pool House

Pool houses are designed with convenience in mind. Not only do these structures offer storage for pool rafts and goggles (and make them easily accessible to guests), but when equipped with a bathroom, they can allow guests to use the facilities without tracking wet footprints indoors.

Now consider the scenario where guests want to grab a snack or drink. With an outdoor kitchen included in the pool house, these items become accessible in a matter of steps. All the while, the chef in the group can continue to mingle with guests while he or she prepares an outdoor barbecue.

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3. Add a Canopy

When it comes to covered outdoor kitchens, some homeowners are looking for a more flexible solution where there are “on” and “off’ options. That way, they can get the shelter they need when the weather is harsh and invite in the sunshine and breeze in more pleasant conditions.

That’s the beauty of adding a canopy to your outdoor kitchen. Offered in a wide range of styles and sizes, outdoor kitchen canopies are recognized for the degree of versatility they provide. Homeowners can keep the space open when desired, and just as easily close it when preferred.

Blog 1 Covered Outdoor Kitchen Ideas for Year-Round Use

Source: Pinterest

As you consider a covered outdoor kitchen for your Northeast Ohio backyard, keep these ideas in mind, and let the team at Green Impressions help bring your vision to life. To get the conversation started, request your free consultation.






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