January 14, 2020

Commercial Property Maintenance: Lawn Vs Landscape

Lawn maintenance and landscape maintenance are common terms. While the two may seem synonymous in nature, they actually represent very different approaches to property care.

To manage expectations for commercial property maintenance, it’s important that property managers fully understand what lawn maintenance and landscape maintenance entail.

What Commercial Lawn Maintenance Entails

When you invest in commercial lawn maintenance, the focus is on routine maintenance tasks that keep turf healthy and looking its best. For the most effective results, traditional year-round efforts such as mowing are typically paired with seasonal efforts like fertilization and aeration. The result is a greener, more professional lawn that attracts the right attention.

What Commercial Landscape Maintenance Entails

When you invest in commercial landscape maintenance, the focus expands from the turf to the rest of the outdoor space. What about the health and safety of trees and shrubs, gutters, walkways, and parking lots? These are the questions that commercial landscape maintenance aims to assess and address.

Consider the scenario where weak tree branches fall into a walkway and create a tripping hazard. By pruning trees, a commercial landscape provider will help avoid this potential risk. Meanwhile, gutters can become clogged with debris. Having a commercial landscape provider remove debris will help prevent build-up, and subsequently water damage as well.

In many cases, snow and ice management will also fall under the umbrella of commercial landscape maintenance. These services ensure that walkways and parking lots are free of snow and ice that could otherwise create slipping hazards and the potential for costly liabilities.

Which One Should You Invest In?

The reality is that both commercial lawn maintenance and commercial landscape maintenance are necessary to keep your property healthy and safe. An investment in both of these services will provide you with beautiful year-round results that inherently make a good first impression, enhance the value of your property and prevent liabilities.

As a provider of commercial landscape maintenance for the Northeast Ohio area, Green Impressions is eager to be part of this equation. To learn more about our landscape services and the benefits they provide, see the commercial services section of our website.







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