January 21, 2020

Why Professional Landscape Lighting Trumps DIY Methods

The majority of homeowners can agree on the value that landscape lighting brings to the table: better aesthetics, improved safety, enhanced security. But there’s often a divide in terms of installation. Whereas some homeowners prefer the control of the DIY route, others opt to leave this work to the professionals.

In this blog post, we’ll help put an end to this debate and showcase why professional landscape lighting is the ideal choice.

The Benefits of Professional Landscape Lighting Over DIY

Professional Assessment

Every outdoor lighting project should begin with a well-defined plan. The design and layout of the landscape lighting should correlate with the characteristics of your surrounding landscape, with proper placement of the fixtures ensured.

Hiring a professional means you will have a team come in and assess the needs of your landscape, as well as your goals. The insights from this on-site assessment will provide a plan of action for the design and installation of outdoor landscape lighting — one that covers all of the intricate details and avoids common mistakes.

High-Quality Products

Hardware and home improvement stores offer a wide selection of DIY landscape lighting kits. While these kits provide homeowners with all of the wiring and fixtures they need for installation, they often don’t carry the same degree of durability as the ones professionals use. This can be attributed to the materials with which the products are made.

Working with a professional gives you access to top-of-the-line products that are built to last. This means less maintenance and fewer replacements needed down the road. While this may seem like a significant increase in cost, professionals often have access to frequent shopper or bulk deals — savings that are subsequently passed down to the homeowner.

Better Results

Any number of issues can arise in a DIY landscape lighting installation. Once light fixtures are mounted, a homeowner may notice that the beams of lights are pointed in the wrong direction, or that they are situated on uneven ground. This can cause some outdoor areas to be too dark, and other areas to be too bright.

Professional landscape lighting prevents this issue. With years of experience under their belt and knowledge of best practices, professional installers know how to select the proper location and angles for lights so they function as intended. Installing the right way the first time avoids the cost and headaches of DIY mishaps.

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