December 10, 2019

This Year's Winter Weather Outlook for Northeast Ohio

In just a few weeks — December 21 to be exact — the winter season will officially be here. But what will this season bring to Northeast Ohio? Will temperatures be frigid? Will more or less snow accumulate than in previous years?

While the answers to these questions may have been a surprise in past years, we wanted to provide you with a clear indicator of what’s ahead. Here’s a glimpse into the winter weather outlook for Northeast Ohio in 2019-2020.

What’s In Store for Northeast Ohio This Winter…

According to the Climate Prediction Center, Northeast Ohio is expected to experience a warmer winter but also one with a greater than average snowfall. These patterns are predicted based on the El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO) climate pattern — a periodic variance in wind and sea surface temperatures in the tropical eastern Pacific Ocean that directly affects weather patterns.

This prediction bears a striking contrast to last year’s winter weather outlook for Northeast Ohio. During the 2018-2019 winter, temperatures dipped as low as -3℉ (closing some local schools) and there was a total seasonal snowfall of 30.7 inches — less than half of the average annual snowfall for Cleveland (68.1 inches).

With the tide shifting to more snowfall this season, it’s important for commercial property owners to reassess their snow removal plan for winter and ensure they’re prepared for what’s ahead.

Have You Considered Hiring a Professional?

More snowfall in Northeast Ohio doesn’t have to mean more work for local commercial property owners. By hiring a professional snow removal company like Green Impressions, businesses can keep their landscape safe and clear throughout the winter season, without any interruptions to daily operations. That’s less stress for you, and better results achieved faster.

To learn more about our snow and ice removal services for commercial properties, visit the commercial services section of our website. (Here, you’ll find plenty of other information on how we can help keep your property looking its best year-round!)






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