December 17, 2019

Why Snow and Ice Management Should Go Hand-In-Hand

It’s no secret that piles of snow in parking lots and walkways can create headaches for business owners. There are limited parking spaces for employees and visitors. Individuals struggle to enter and exit the building.

While commercial snow removal helps to combat these issues and keep properties clear, only half the battle is won. Businesses need to invest in both snow and ice management to establish an effective winter landscape maintenance plan — and here’s why.

Why Ice Management Is Just as Vital to Winter Care

If you’re used to driving in winter conditions, you’ve probably experienced the dread of “black ice.” Before you even know you’ve passed over this nearly transparent ice, your car may start to skid, and as you attempt to rapidly hit the brake, it feels like you’re losing control.

While many people associate black ice only with roadways, it can also form on parking lots and walkways. When it does, individuals who walk over this thin sheet of ice could assume that the ground is simply wet. Without the ability to visualize the ice, as well as a lack of traction, slips and falls are much more likely to occur. This danger becomes all the more prevalent in the early morning and evening hours when there are low-light conditions.

In some cases, ice patches may be more noticeable to employees and visitors. But that doesn’t change their potential to cause injuries. Whether individuals are on a call or have their hands full with work items, all it takes is a small distraction for a misstep to occur — and for the liabilities to be on your shoulders.

Make Snow and Ice Management a Priority

While businesses need to keep their property clear of snow in the wintertime, it’s just as important to address ice that accumulates in walkways and parking lots. After all, a business will remain unsafe and inaccessible if layers of ice coat surfaces.

At Green Impressions, we provide both snow removal services and ice management services. That way, Northeast Ohio commercial properties can get all their winter landscape maintenance needs met from a single provider with years of experience and a long list of satisfied customers.

To learn more about our all-in-one solution, visit the commercial services section of our website.






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