December 23, 2019

3 Questions a Landscape Design Company Should Ask You

While there are plenty of questions homeowners should ask prospective landscape design companies, landscape design companies should come armed with their own questions as well. Not only do questions show that a company is invested in your long-term needs and goals, but when the right ones are asked, the answers help lay the foundation for a landscape design that is sure to impress.

Here are three questions a landscape design company should ask you before work ever begins.

What Are You Planning to Use Your Landscape For?

The landscape of your dreams isn’t just beautiful; it serves a purpose. If you like to entertain large groups, you may want a larger patio space with multiple furniture sets — and perhaps a storage shed for the winter months. If you want a private place to relax, you might consider a small cedar pergola with plants around the perimeter to create a serene, courtyard-like feel.

A landscape design company should actively want to understand how you intend to use your landscape — rather than simply assess what’s possible within the space. The better they understand your needs, the better end result you’ll see in terms of both form and function.

What Do You Like About Your Current Landscape Design?

Just because you’re ready to invest in a landscape design project doesn’t mean you necessarily want a complete overhaul. You may appreciate some of the existing elements in your landscape — whether it’s the cozy nature of the wood-burning firepit or pops of color from masonry planter boxes.

While a landscape design company is naturally interested in what homeowners dislike about their property, it’s just as important that they understand what you do like about your landscape. Even if there aren’t any elements you want to preserve, it’s a sign that your landscape provider is invested in preserving existing features and providing you with a more cost-effective solution.

Do You Enjoy Working on Your Property?

Maintenance shouldn’t be an afterthought once a landscape design is complete. Rather, it should be a topic of conversation when a landscape design company and homeowner first meet. That’s because the answer will be a driving factor behind the types of hardscapes and plants a landscape provider will recommend to a homeowner.

As a landscape design company that serves Northeast Ohio, Green Impressions knows the right questions to ask homeowners about their project. To get the conversation started on your landscape redesign, contact Green Impressions today.



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