September 5, 2016

Thrifty Featured Projects to Enrich Any Landscape, on Any Budget


When you work hard to maintain your home's safety and appearance, you shouldn't have to pay steeply for it to reflect that dedication and style.

With the addition of a few basic details, seasonal projects will ensure you achieve an appealing, cozy utopia that will stand out among the rest.

Find inspiration or utilize ideas from the design strategies below to beautify your garden, patio, walkways, and more.

  • Take advantage of functional pieces to showcase your unique style, such as small tables, benches, and other seating.
  • Adorn the porch and other areas with planters or containers, utilizing diverse flowers and vegetation for pops of color.
  • Plant foliage and other greenery around borders and in garden beds to create a background of bountiful textures.
  • Use unique lighting fixtures, such as lanterns, lampposts, or spotlights, to illuminate walkways and entrances for any mood.
  • Enhance the doorway, and even the street address, with bold accents and colors, making them more personal and visible.
  • Add decorative features to your porch or patio, such as columns, statues, or other striking pieces that bring instant elegance to your ambiance.
  • Always achieve an impressive look by swapping out festive adornments to keep with the themes and colors of the season.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to designing your dream landscape, and stunning creativity doesn't have to be costly. By getting started on a feature project that suits your needs and charm, you can find innovative and inexpensive ways of enhancing your property all year.

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