May 27, 2016

Choosing Perfect Spring Annuals Has Never Been So Easy

The winter's frost is finally behind us, and gardeners have been looking forward to the colorful season of spring all year. 

Garden centers, online planting guides, and other green-thumb resources have a wealth of information on how to delicately care for each blossom. However, narrowing it down to the best blooms for your climate during this wavering weather can be an overwhelming task.

Of the many vibrant selections out there, warm-season annuals are an ideal choice for those of us in The Midwest or other similar climates. The following guide features hardy annuals, plants with a one-year life cycle that have a reputation for easy growth. These particular species can be planted directly into the soil beginning in mid- to late spring, after the danger of the last frost. 


For Best Results:
  • Thin seedlings sown directly in outdoor soil as needed, and follow appropriate spacing for maximum growth. 
  • Balance your flowers with low-maintenance spring foliage such as Caladium or Elephant Ears, helping your blooms stand out and your garden beds look bountiful. 
  • Learn your individual plant's ideal preparations, sowing details, and ongoing care to ensure the success of your landscape.

For more information on best practices, or to request a free consultation for plant installation and care, contact the experienced landscaping team at Green Impressions today, and enjoy a dream-like garden guaranteed. 

*Please note that most of Ohio has now been categorized as a 5b, 6a, or 6b zone on the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map. While all of the plants listed above are suitable for Ohio's range, be sure to reference other species with the Plant Hardiness Map to confirm your blooms will flourish. 



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