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April 2, 2016

Don't Let Your Defenseless Landscape Pay the Price of Flooding this Spring


While homeowners look forward to the upcoming sunshine, the changes of spring also bring the real threat of substantial flooding to your property.

During the 2014 water year, direct damages from flooding in Ohio alone totaled $71,149,000, and unfortunately these extensive costs include repairs for vulnerable landscaping. Rather than paying for unexpected lawn, garden, and structural renovations down the road, an established maintenance plan will ensure greater integrity for your yard throughout the entire season, even during excessive rainfalls.

Without taking these necessary preventative measures, flooding brings critical hazards to your outdoor living space:

  • Debris and sediments collect, cutting off the crucial supply of oxygen to your root systems
  • Damaged or weakened trees attract insect and fungi that will continue to grow under wet conditions
  • Habitual or excessive flooding exposes the roots due to harmful erosion, making them increasingly vulnerable
  • Young seedlings as well as aged trees often perish entirely from the stresses of flooding
  • Water could find its way beyond your lawn and begin to cause further damage inside your home

In addition to proactive maintenance, the most efficient way to control the water level on your property is with an updated irrigation system. These systems work to your advantage to guarantee even covering, saving you ample time and effort from manual, inefficient watering, and significantly improving your water bill.

To make sure you are protecting your investment and securing a healthy, appealing future for your landscape, contact Green Impressions for a free consultation, and relax knowing your home will have everything it needs to flourish this spring.


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