April 1, 2016

Vital Spring Checklist to Keep Every Landscape Flourishing


The snowfall made way for spring's charming sunshine, but the departing winter also reveals any unsightly lawns and damaged landscapes the cold left behind.

Now that the temperatures are rising, you'll want to have a yard you can enjoy more than ever. To combat the stress of the oncoming heat, restoration from the frost and preventative maintenance are essential for the health and aesthetic appeal of your landscape.

Take advantage of lush lawns and hassle-free upkeep by tackling this Springtime Checklist as early in the season as possible.

  1. Clear out leaves, litter, and any debris to prevent the development of mold, rot, and other hazardous growth.
  2. Prepare your mower by repairing any worn or damaged parts and performing a general inspection.
  3. Apply pre-emergent weed killer early on, and remove weeds as they appear to avoid quick spreading.
  4. Maintain edging of walkways, driveways, and plant beds to prevent grasses from invading the garden or pathways.
  5. Conduct seasonal tree and shrub pruning to remove damaged or weakened branches.
  6. Revitalize your turf by aerating the lawn, seeding bare areas, and applying a wholesome fertilizer.
  7. Install fresh mulch to flower beds and tree rings to assure moisture reaches the roots without weed interference.
  8. Clean up and divide perennials, and plant annuals or other flowering bulbs to your preference.

Tending to the health of your landscape now will ensure durable, affordable, and beautified results in the seasons to come. For assistance with spring maintenance, or to schedule a free consultation and take advantage of our spring savings, contact Green Impressions for simple, preventative, and quality outdoor maintenance.


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