June 1, 2016

Quick Backyard Revival Tips for an Impressive Summer Parties


The weather is finally warming up, just in time to host the charming party your loved ones deserve.

The long winter may be behind us, but its effects are probably still lingering among your landscape. Enhance your outdoor space and improve the health of your yard by following these quick tips for an unforgettable backyard event.

Tend To The landscape

  • Give the yard a good spring cleaning by raking, sweeping, and clearing out debris and clutter.
  • Mow the lawn and tackle any necessary edging, aerating, weeding, and repairing with seeding or fertilizer.
  • Clean or even pressure wash your walkways, driveway, and patio to prevent slippery moss and tough stains.
  • Prune flower beds and shrubbery and remove damaged or intrusive tree branches.
  • Bring color to your space with flowers and foliage, or add plants in containers for quick backyard rehabilitation.

Care For Your Guests

  • Inspect features and surfaces for safety updates, such as securing loose railings or uneven stairs.
  • Ensure walkways and stairs are well lit, using efficient LED or solar lights, or creative lanterns or string lights for aesthetic appeal.
  • Clean and inspect outdoor furniture and provide enough seating with picnic tables, chairs, stools, or benches.
  • Prepare for any weather with tents, canopies, or even a fire pit for cozy warmth after sunset.
  • Impress guests with an outdoor grilling center, kitchen, or bar, with the convenience of sturdy surfaces, shade, and supplies on hand.
  • Provide enough space for mingling, relaxing, and entertainment with a paved or grass recreation area.  
Impress your cherished guests with a safe, memorable celebration by restoring your outdoor space this spring.

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