July 19, 2016

Is It Time Your Home Entrance Made the Impression You've Been Dreaming Of?

BOB_2229.jpgMany homeowners want to invest in a functional and attractive landscape, but can often neglect the most central feature of their property.

Brown_Entrance_summer_07_iPad.jpgThe entrance to your home is a crucial focal point to establish an inviting appeal and showcase your style. Whether you are rushing in from the rain, enjoying the pleasant weather outside, or inviting guests in for dinner, your front entrance receives too much attention to be left unkempt.
To create a unique and approachable entryway, be sure to follow these guidelines for an enhanced first impression your guests will admire.
  • Adorn your porch or patio with a mix of foliage and flowers, switching up seasonal plants to keep your look evolving.
  • Choose perennials, shrubs, and other vegetation that will flourish in the yard's conditions, adding desirable color and depth.
  • IMG_3162.jpgAccent the front door with lively paint choices and flanking markers, such as stone columns or planting containers. 
  • Stylize with the addition of personalized pavers that add original charm to your walkway.
  • Keep your family and visitors safe by inspecting and repairing uneven stairs, surfaces, and foundation stones.
  • Make house numbers easily visible for guest convenience and an extra touch of customization.
  • Ensure the security of your guests at night by adding the appropriate security lighting to walkways and doorways.
By considering location, design, and the needs of your guests, you can ensure your entryway becomes an unforgettable glimpse into your home and style. 

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