October 29, 2019

Scams to Look Out for in Commercial Snow Removal

If you’re a property manager in the market for commercial snow removal services, chances are you’ve heard some tempting offers that seem too good to pass up. But if promises about commercial snow removal come off as too good to be true, they probably are.

Rather than wait for ineffective results or potential liabilities after the fact, we wanted you to know what types of scams to look out for and how to avoid their negative outcomes.

“Take Advantage of the Lowest Prices in the Town”

Significantly reduced prices for commercial snow removal can be an enticing offer for property managers under tight budget constraints. While it may seem counterintuitive, the contractors who offer the lowest prices tend to be the ones who actually try to rip off customers.

It’s typical that contractors with the lowest prices will request payment in advance and book an extensive list of jobs in the process. With an abundance of service calls to address, the snow may melt on its own before a contractor arrives to take care of your commercial snow removal.

These low prices also tend to hide additional fees. Because the contracts tend to be vague, contractors can easily add on other fees for heavy snow accumulation and overage time. These unforeseen charges can create frustrations for commercial property managers, with no guarantee that the end result will be up to the business’s quality standards.

“Enjoy the Convenience of On-the-Spot Treatments”

In theory, a commercial snow removal contractor knocking on your business door seems like the most convenient of scenarios. Even better, they offer to start removing snow and ice right away.

This is a situation you’ll want to be wary of. Whether amateurs operate snow removal equipment or manually shovel, they are more prone to cause damage to your property based sheerly on their lack of experience. Snowplows could hit sprinklers and render them useless, dig into the lawn and lift up various sections or knock over mailboxes (among other problems). Meanwhile, manual shoveling can leave behind scars on pavers, concrete and lawns — all of which can be costly to fix.

Then, there’s the potential for liabilities. With less experience under their belt, these contractors are more prone to slip and fall while completing work — and workers’ compensation may not be included as part of the snow removal company’s policies. So if an injury does occur on-site, a legal battle could follow.

The fact remains that scams will always surround commercial snow removal. But with a clear understanding of what these scams look like, property managers can be armed with the knowledge to choose a reputable snow removal company that delivers long-term ROI.




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