October 15, 2019

How to Prep Commercial Properties for a Cleveland Winter

The leaves may have just started to change colors, but the owners of commercial properties in Northeast Ohio are already bracing themselves for the impact of the winter season. It’s not uncommon for piles of snow to accumulate in the parking lot and disrupt business operations or for layers of ice to accumulate on walkways and introduce safety hazards.

While commercial property owners can’t change what Mother Nature has in store for this Cleveland winter, there is a lot they can do to prep their landscape for this cold, snowy season. Here is a helpful checklist for this purpose.

Item #1: Clean Out Your Gutters

When debris builds up in a gutter channel, it can create a blockage that causes water to pour over the sides of the gutter. This overflow can collect around the foundation of a structure and result in cracks or leaks, as well as cause soil erosion that eats away at the landscape.

The heavy snowstorms of a Cleveland winter only exacerbate this problem. Not only is existing debris in the gutter channel likely to freeze and melt, but snow and ice will also accumulate and increase the volume of water in the gutter system. So if there’s nowhere for the water to go, the likelihood of a water overflow and subsequent damage is far more likely.

Item #2: Drain Sprinkler Systems

From their ability to reduce water waste to the great results they produce, sprinkler systems have become a popular choice over manual watering methods on commercial properties. While they do save time in the long run, sprinkler systems still require seasonal maintenance to avoid potential damage and repair costs. For the fall, the to-do is to completely shut down and drain the system.

Consider a case where traces of water are left behind in the system. The freeze-thaw patterns of water in the winter can cause the underground pipe walls to rupture. When the issue is discovered after winter comes to an end, the sprinkler system may need to be repaired or even completely replaced.

Item #3: Hire a Professional for Snow Removal

Cleveland winters are known for being pretty unpredictable. While snow tends to make its debut in November, it’s not uncommon to see a light dusting of snow on the ground as early as October.

That’s why it’s best to plan for snow removal in the early fall — specifically, if you’re hiring a professional like Green Impressions to handle the job. Not only does this keep you ahead of the first frost, but it also helps ensure that you can secure the contractor of your choice before their schedule fills up. With no snow on the ground yet, professionals can better assess the current state of your property and put together a snow removal plan that delivers the optimal results.





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