October 8, 2019

The Perfect Pair: Fire and Water Landscape Features

Opposites attract. You’ve probably heard this phrase before in terms of the science of how people interact. But the same is also true in terms of how the elements of a landscape interact.

One of the best examples of this is fire and water landscape features. Not only do fire and water landscape features create a dramatic focal point from a visual perspective, but the cozy ambiance of fire paired with the soothing sounds of water makes for a tranquil environment.

Looking for some inspiration on how to intertwine these two elements? Here are some ideas to consider.

A Fire Pit & A Cascading Waterfall

A wall of mosaic tiles can serve as the perfect backdrop to a fire pit situated below. While this fire and water landscape feature is sure to attract the attention of onlookers on its own, the reflection of the flame against the water that runs down the tiles creates a glisten that makes this effect all the more apparent.

The benefits don’t stop there, though. The addition of the waterfall feature will create more privacy in a backyard space, while the fire pit serves as a space to cook s’mores and socialize.


Source: Landscaping Network

A Fire Bowl Bordered By Fountains

Homeowners with a pool (or considering one in the near future) will love this fire and water landscape feature. The feature adds to the beauty of the pool as the fountain flows inside and the flame flickers — whether you view it from inside the pool or while relaxing in the surrounding area.

What’s also nice about these fire bowls is that they illuminate the pool area when evening falls. This extends the functionality of the space, whether you’re hosting a pool party or barbecue.


Source: Pinterest

No matter the idea you have in mind for fire and water landscape features, the team at Green Impressions is here to help bring your vision to life. With years of experience in landscape design and a long list of satisfied customers throughout the Northeast Ohio area, we have the knowledge and passion to create the backyard space of your dreams.

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