September 17, 2019

Outdoor Patio Design Pictures Sure to Inspire You

While leaves may have just started to change to fall colors, it’s already time to start thinking about what’s on your outdoor patio design wish list for next year.

If you’re planning on a complete overhaul of an existing patio or want to add one to an underused backyard, you’re probably on the hunt for outdoor patio design pictures for inspiration. And after just a few minutes of scrolling on Pinterest or HGTV (to name a few examples), you’ll probably walk away with more ideas than you planned for — and perhaps a bit of uncertainty on how to narrow them all down into a single vision.

With all the inspiration that’s out there, we wanted to start you off with the right foundation, literally. Using Unilock pavers as the building blocks for your patio space — a stylish, durable and low-maintenance choice — we’ve got a handful of outdoor patio design pictures to share that suit a variety of preferences.

If You Want an Outdoor Living Space…

Talk about a room with a view! When you add cozy furniture and a TV to your backyard, you can recreate the same magic as your indoor living space. An outdoor fireplace (or fire pit) further adds to the ambiance of an outdoor living room, while keeping you warm as the coolness of the evening settles in.

Here’s an outdoor patio design picture that ties all these features together:


(Source: Unilock)

Prefer to add a bit more coverage to your outdoor living room? A patio pergola can do just the trick. You’ll get added shade on sunny days and extended use of your backyard when less-than-ideal weather conditions hit (think heavy rainstorms and strong winds).


(Source: Green Impressions)

If You Want an Outdoor Kitchen…

There’s no reason to feel cooped up inside while you cook. An outdoor kitchen equipped with a grill and plenty of counter space makes it easy for homeowners to socialize with guests and enjoy some fresh air. Storage compartments beneath the grill provide added convenience.


(Source: Unilock)

If you’re in the mindset of an outdoor kitchen, chances are you’re also thinking about an outdoor dining space. While a separate table near the kitchen is a viable option for more spacious backyards, those trying to conserve on space might want to consider high-top seating at the bar.

These outdoor patio design pictures highlight both styles:


(Source: Green Impressions)


(Source: Green Impressions)

If You Want a Total Staycation Oasis…

Sometimes it’s not just one or the other. Homeowners want an outdoor living room, an outdoor kitchen and plenty of other amenities — from a pool to keep cool in the summer months to a spa where you can unwind in the cooler months.

This dream doesn’t have to be out of reach. In fact, we’ve got quite a few examples from our design portfolio that combine all of these elements. Here’s a recent one that’s sure to impress.





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