September 10, 2019

What's the Best Way to Find Commercial Landscaping Companies Near Me?

Neighborhood envy isn’t just limited to residential properties. For business owners and property managers alike, a similar sentiment rings true. They see other businesses with inviting, well-manicured landscapes and want to recreate that same magic in their own property.

This often leaves a question on the table: How do I find commercial landscaping companies near me?

With all the options out there, we want to shed some light on which route tends to work best.

Talk to Property Managers in Your Area

When you see a local business whose landscape stands out to you, don’t be afraid to reach out to the property manager. Chances are they may have a professional reference to offer — one that provides the services you need, in the area that you need.

While the quality of landscape work speaks for itself, be sure to also ask about how long they’ve worked with the commercial landscaper. A long-term relationship speaks to the professionalism and customer service they provide and builds your overall confidence in the business.

It also doesn’t hurt to ask if the property manager knows of any other properties the commercial landscaper services. While visiting more properties gives you additional opportunities to see their work firsthand, it also increases the odds that you’ll find comparable properties to yours in terms of size and use. The closer this relationship is, the better you’ll feel about your investment.

Bonus: When you have a commercial landscaper who also performs residential services, you get the best of both worlds: high-quality work from a professional you already trust.

For more than 20 years, Green Impressions has delivered commercial (and residential) landscape services throughout Northeast Ohio. With a team of experts and a passion for landscape maintenance, we’ve established an extensive list of satisfied clients — one that we are always eager to add to.

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