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September 3, 2019

Fall Landscape: Keep the Night Bright with Earlier Sunsets

When the season shifts from summer to fall, it’s not just the temperatures and leaf colors that change. The days become much shorter as well. The Northern Hemisphere tilts away from the sun, an effect that becomes even more drastic in the wintertime.

For homeowners, this can be a source of frustration. Amid the crisp and cozy nights of fall — an ideal time to gather outside with family and friends — homeowners may find themselves heading inside when the sun sets. For Cleveland residents, this can be as early as 7 p.m. in early fall and 6:30 p.m. by mid-season.

How do you keep your fall landscape lit when the sun sets? There are a few different options to help you accomplish this. (Spoiler: Their benefits don’t stop there.)

Have You Thought About Landscape Lighting?

Whether you opt for LED lamps or accent lights — among other styles — these additions will help illuminate your outdoor space. While this extends the functionality of your fall landscape (think outdoor dining after the sun sets), it also makes the area more secure into the night.

If we take it one step further, mosquito repellent lighting systems are also available. While you get all the benefits of a traditional landscape lighting system, you’ll also have an effective, convenient way to ward off mosquitoes and keep your family and pets safe. (We recommend the NuTone Haven System.)

Have You Thought About a Fireplace or Fire Pit?

While landscape lighting may seem like the more obvious choice for keeping fall landscapes well-lit, it’s not the only option on the table. An outdoor fireplace or fire pit can also serve this purpose.

The glow from a fireplace or fire pit can help days last longer — all while providing warmth to keep you cozy when the night breeze rolls in. With outdoor sofas and seating walls often included around these features, fireplaces and fire pits become the perfect spot to relax, socialize and maybe even roast a s’more or two.

While you can’t fight the fact that the days will get shorter, you can find creative ways to keep your fall landscape bright into the night. Whether you already have a design in mind or are looking for inspiration for your Northeast Ohio landscape, we’d love to chat.






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