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May 28, 2019

How to Create an Outdoor Living Room That Has It All

While walls may separate a house from its landscape, the movement to blend the two spaces has never been stronger. Homeowners are eager to transform their backyards to include the same elements of relaxation and entertainment as the indoors.

So when homeowners decide to redesign their landscape, one of the most common requests is an outdoor living room. Creating this environment involves a blend of structures and amenities.

5 Elements to Include in an Outdoor Living Room


Pergolas combine the best of both worlds. From an aesthetic viewpoint, these structures create a focal point of interest in backyards that adds depth and character. From a functionality viewpoint, pergolas provide coverage from the sun and harsh weather that could easily cut get-togethers with family and friends short.


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Safety is always a concern in backyard spaces, especially when night falls. Placing landscape lighting in or around an outdoor living room ensures that guests can navigate the space with ease at any hour. An added bonus is that it also keeps the area more secure.


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Ample Seating

Living rooms are often home to plush seating that accommodates large groups. The same should go for an outdoor living room. Furnishing the space with various types of couches and chairs makes it the ideal spot to relax and entertain. (Tip: To guard against dampness and other conditions, make sure fabrics are suitable for outdoor use.)


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Whether tuning into a big sports game or an evening movie, a television set makes the perfect addition to a backyard space. Mounting the television on the wall is typically the best option as this makes it easy to view, conserves space and keeps the system safe.


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Cooking/Dining Area

Open-concept layouts have become popular inside homes. They make it easy to socialize between rooms, and a similar trend has emerged in backyards. Outdoor living rooms are often paired with outdoor kitchens and dining areas to create the ideal flow.


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An Example from the Green Impressions Portfolio

At Green Impressions, we have experience designing and installing outdoor living rooms that include all of these elements. In the project highlighted below, the goal was to create a covered area where the homeowner could enjoy watching sports outdoors.

After removing the existing concrete patio and steps, we installed Unilock’s Richcliff® pavers in Natural Stone on the patio and across walkways. With this foundation in place, a cedar pergola structure was added, outfitted with a high-top bar area, television and sectional furniture.


(Source: Green Impressions)

Next to the pergola structure is a dining space and grill area, equipped with granite countertops and an AOG grill. Vista LED landscape lighting was incorporated throughout the backyard to help illuminate each of these areas.


(Source: Green Impressions)

Ready to incorporate an outdoor living room into your Northeast Ohio backyard? The team at Green Impressions would love to hear from you. To request a consultation, simply give us a call at (440) 240-8508 or fill out the form on our website.




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