March 17, 2020

3 Landscape Features that Serve Multiple Functions

The coffee table where you perch your coffee offers hidden storage below to hide knick-knacks. The sofa where you stretch out to watch favorite shows doubles as a pull-out sleeper for guests.

Multipurpose features are a common element sprinkled throughout homes, with many benefits to back this decision. To name a few: they maximize space, reduce costs and minimize the degree of clutter within the home.

These same types of benefits apply to landscape design as well. Whether homeowners have small or large backyards, there is innate value in investing in multipurpose landscape features.

Consider these three landscape features for your own Northeast Ohio backyard oasis.

Outdoor Pergolas

Whether you’re in the midst of rain or shine, outdoor pergolas deliver protection from the elements. You’ll have the shade you need to stay cozy amid high temperatures, and a protective layer to prevent storms from washing away your evening plans. Pair this overhead shelter with wraparound curtains on each side and the structure turns into a more private retreat.

In addition to protection and privacy, these landscape features also double as a garden space. Colorful planter baskets can be hung from the structure, adding dimension and aesthetic appeal to the space, as well as producing more shade.

Built-In Seating Walls

For backyard spaces with an outdoor fire pit, built-in seating walls have become a common fixture. Compared to traditional chairs, these landscape features can accommodate more people, which creates a more seamless flow for homeowners who like to entertain. All the while, little work is required to maintain the seating walls, so the scenario of damaged or broken chairs is avoided.

While seating walls give your guests a spot to kick back, seating is not the only way these landscape features deliver comfort. The surrounding wall can also function as a heat reflector or wind barrier. This makes it easier to keep your fire pit burning on windy evenings and keep your guests warm as cool evening air moves in.

Vertical Wall Gardens

Like traditional gardens, vertical wall gardens breathe life and color into backyard spaces. While visually striking and dynamic, these landscape structures enable homeowners to maximize their grow space. Not to mention, their height also improves air circulation to plants and minimizes damage from pets and wild animals.

The same wall that houses plantlife also doubles as a privacy screen that blocks out neighbors and unwanted views, as well as a sound barrier that reduces noise levels. The end result is a landscape that not only looks but also feels one with nature.

Multipurpose landscape features are just one of the many landscape trends for 2020. Stay tuned as we highlight other trends on the rise!




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