March 10, 2020

The Pitfalls of a Do-It-Yourself Sprinkler System

Can I do it myself? It’s a question many homeowners ponder when it comes to the installation of sprinkler systems, and that’s for good reason — on the surface, there’s a lot of appeal to saving installation costs, as well as honing your own landscaping skills.

Yet, the advantages of do-it-yourself sprinkler systems are outweighed by their pitfalls. Without a professional touch, residential sprinkler systems are subject to installation complications that ultimately impact their performance and life span. This, of course, translates into expensive repair and replacement costs for individual parts — or perhaps a complete overhaul of the system.

Here are two common scenarios that fit under this umbrella.

Missing Signs of Tree Root Intrusion

Irrigation technicians are no stranger to the damage tree roots can cause to sprinkler systems. The intrusion of roots can squeeze irrigation lines and reduce water pressure, or — in more severe cases — penetrate through the lines and cause water leaks.

With their ability to hinder system performance, tree roots should be a consideration from the start of installation. Whereas a do-it-yourself approach may bypass this step, a professional can help assess how tree root paths will evolve over time and dig sprinkler system lines in areas that avoid these trajectories. That way, you can avoid current and future obstructions.

Installing Sprinkler Heads at An Improper Height

Whether it’s a toy left outside on the lawn or fallen tree branches, tripping hazards are a real concern for homeowners. While most types of debris can be easily cleared to level out the lawn, it’s a different story for sprinkler heads that are installed into the lawn. When these items stick too far out from your lawn (more than one inch above the ground), they create a permanent hazard for your family, pets and visitors alike.

Paired with a safety concern is the potential for lawn equipment to damage the sprinkler heads. For instance, if a lawnmower treads over lawn sprinkler heads that aren’t installed low enough, the contact between the two can hinder performance and result in costly damages.

With a professionally installed irrigation system, you avoid the guesswork behind the height of sprinkler heads and can remain confident that your lawn irrigation system is situated properly.

Instead of a do-it-yourself sprinkler system, consider hiring a professional like Green Impressions to install (and maintain) your irrigation system. Learn more about our lawn irrigation services here.




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