March 31, 2020

How to Invite Texture Into Your Outdoor Living Design

Mixing textures has become a popular trend in backyard design — with plenty of popular avenues to make this happen. In 2019, we saw a rise in a style of patios that combined different pavers, as well as ornate driveways with decorative borders for added curb appeal.

While mixed textures remain a popular landscape trend for 2020, homeowners are finding new ways to weave texture into their outdoor living design. Your inspiration starts here.

Idea #1: Build an Outdoor Area Rug

On the inside of a home, area rugs are recognized as a useful piece of decor that helps define a space and tie different elements of a room together. While these same elements are beneficial to an outdoor living design, laying a rug on top of a paver patio exposes it to harsh elements, from high temperatures to rain showers.

An alternative to consider is adding an outdoor area rug into your patio. For instance, in the center of a patio that resembles natural flagstone, you could add in a rectangular section of brick-inspired pavers that mimics the appearance of a rug. This “outdoor area rug” will add dynamic texture that is easier to maintain and holds up in the harshest of conditions.

Idea #2: Add Accent Rocks to Waterfalls

From their positive health benefits to their unique aesthetic appeal, water features are popping up in more outdoor living designs for good reason. While these landscape features are sure to catch one’s eye on their own, there are ways to build on their natural feel and add interest.

Consider the addition of accent rocks to a waterfall, for instance. As the cascading stream of water flows down the bed of rocks, it will create a beautiful outline that mimics the look of nature and adds to the feature’s soothing sounds. The look of the waterfall will feel less staged, and its therapeutic benefits will be magnified.

Idea #3: Drape Curtains Along a Pergola

Pergolas are naturally designed with the idea of privacy and protection in mind. With styles that range from fully enclosed to partially open, these structures help homeowners maximize the use of their outdoor living space and block out noises and views that would otherwise distract them.

While the addition of drapes to a pergola builds upon these same sentiments, the use of fabric creates a striking contrast against the pergola — a structure often built with cedar. This adds a new layer of interest to the look of the pergola and offers homeowners more of the privacy they crave in their outdoor living design.

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