October 24, 2018

Landscape Design Concepts to Maximize Your Privacy

Landscapes are a balance of form and function. So when homeowners compile their backyard wish list, it’s not just appearances they are concerned with. They also look for landscape design concepts that are going to work for them.

In many cases, this ties back to the topic of privacy. Homeowners want to set the stage for a backyard space that fuels relaxation, relieves stress and easily enables conversations with family and friends.

The good news is, there are plenty of ways to turn a backyard into a private haven through the use of various landscape design concepts. Here’s a look at three examples.

Boost Privacy with These 3 Landscape Design Concepts


Outside of their ability to add visual interest and value to a home, pergolas deliver an extra layer of privacy as compared to decks and patios. The roof-like structure is designed to block out views from above (as well as weather elements), while the addition of a trellis can help shelter the space from neighboring structures. A similar level of privacy can be achieved with the use of drapes and curtains that fit the look of your landscape. 


Water Feature

Any number of sounds can travel to a backyard space, whether it’s conversations from next door or noise from cars stuck in traffic. What’s great about water features is the pleasant white noise they provide that helps drown out such disruptions. Customizable to any shape and size, these features can fit nicely in a small backyard, and will actually make the space look larger thanks to this unique focal point.

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Plant Barrier

While fences are the quickest way to achieve year-round privacy outdoors, they can sometimes leave homeowners feeling boxed in their yard. Plant barriers offer the best of both worlds: effective screening that preserves the natural look and feel of the space. Incorporating native plants around the perimeter of a backyard is the ideal route, as these plants have already adapted to local conditions and thus require less water and care.

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Maximize Privacy in Your Outdoor Space

While every homeowner has a different vision for their backyard oasis, a common thread between each landscape plan is the quest for privacy. And with landscape design concepts like those highlighted above, this goal doesn’t have to be out of reach.

At Green Impressions, we have years of experience helping maximize the form and function of residential properties—privacy included. To see examples of our landscape design work (and find inspiration for your own project), download a free copy of our 2018 Lookbook.



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