Landscape Lighting

August 2, 2022

Does Landscape Lighting Add Value to Your Home?

When adding any features to your landscape, there’s a natural curiosity about how the investment will impact the value of your property when it comes time to sell. That leads us to today’s topic: the value landscape lighting adds to your home.

While providing immediate benefits in the form of safety, security, and aesthetic appeal, landscape lighting also packs a punch when it comes to boosting property value.

How Outdoor Lighting Impacts the Sales of Properties

According to Zillow, the inclusion of “outdoor lighting” in the listing description of a home for sale not only contributed to a sale that happened about three days faster, but also at a nearly 2% higher resale value.

While landscape lighting can be viewed as a relatively simple addition to landscapes, its functionality is paired with a perceived value that it brings to the table. For example, you can use outdoor lighting to highlight unique structural features of your home (perhaps a grand doorway entry) or other areas you’ve made investments in your landscape (like a paver walkway or a water fountain feature). By placing emphasis around your property’s stand-out features, you’ll attract more buyers and also keep their focus where you want it.

Why LED Lighting Is the Best Option (For Various Reasons)

The positioning of outdoor lighting undoubtedly influences how much value this feature adds to a property. But along these same lines, it’s also important to consider the type of lighting that’s used.

In an age where homeowners are more cognizant of their impact on the environment and value low-maintenance landscape design, LED landscape lights are a natural pick. These low-voltage lighting options, which have become the gold standard in both indoor and outdoor lighting design, use significantly less energy than their incandescent lighting counterparts and also have a much longer lifespan. Considering that modern home buyers are invested in sustainable features and are willing to pay more for them, LED lights can contribute to an even greater resale value for homeowners, beyond that estimated 2% increase.

Landscape Lighting Makes a Difference When You Go to Sell Your Home

Landscape lighting is a great investment for homeowners — with the benefit of a greater property value only adding to the list. With years of experience in landscape design and installation, Green Impressions can help you integrate a professional landscape lighting system into your outdoor living space, while pairing it with other features like a paver patio, pergola, outdoor kitchen, and more for a fully functional landscape oasis.

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