December 11, 2012

Cleveland Landscaping Tips: Planting Your Christmas Tree

Hemlock TreePlanting your Christmas tree after the Holidays can be a wonderful addition to your yard this winter. There are a few things to do before you take on this task. The first step is finding the tree that fits into your landscaping plan.

Lots of variables go into your choice. If you pick a shady spot the Hemlock is a perfect choice, this is one of the few evergreens that grow in the shade. Spruces, firs and pines need more light than a Hemlock. The mature growth of your tree (width and height) factors greatly in the spot you choose. Most nurseries and garden centers will have balled trees ready for planting.

The size and weight of the tree is very important. Remember you must get the tree in and out with minimal damage. Once you get your tree home keep it in a mild spot like your garage or a three season room for about a week. Measure the ball of the tree and dig the whole first right away. There is a good chance that the ground might be frozen when you take the tree out to plant it. It is also very important once the tree is getting used to a slow warm up that it gets water. A good strong plastic tub should be used to set the ball in to water. Do not over water, it will greatly increase the weight and make it difficult to move into the house.

When you are ready to bring in the tree protect the floor or carpet with plastic and a clean sturdy water proof container. Once the tree is in the house it will take a day or two for the branches to spread out. Water the tree once it is secured in your water proof container. When you are done with your tree move it again to a cool down area for about a month and continue with moderate water. Make sure that you holding area has some natural light. When you are ready to plant don’t forget tree stakes!


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Photo Credit: Willoway Nurseries


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