December 10, 2012

Create an Incredible Landscape Design With Unilock

Unilock Landscape DesignCreating an incredible landscape design begins with a solid plan, and an inherent part of the plan is the materials that will be used. When you decide on the materials to use in your landscaping, you're deciding on the texture, the feel, and the colors that will predominate your home's exterior. We want to share with you an exceptional product that has a variety of uses for your landscape: Unilock. With their high-end quality, timeless good looks, and multi-faceted uses, Unilock products are the ultimate landscape design materials.

When you replace your old, cracked poured concrete with Unilock products, your home suddenly appears to be more luxurious, more sophisticated, and even more closely aligned to its natural surroundings. Here are some of our favorite applications for Unilock.

1. Driveways. Unilock driveways are a work of art unto themselves. They come in all kinds of styles, from old-world cobblestones to sweeping, modern tiles, so you can choose just the look you hope to create for your home. Unilock driveways not only look better than poured concrete, but they last longer. Unilock pavers are from 2 to 4 times as strong as concrete, depending on which type of paver you choose. Installation of new poured concrete driveways is usually a big hassle, with homeowners having to stay off their driveways for at least two weeks until the concrete has cured. Paving with Unilock reduces that hassle.

2. Entrances. Want to create an entrance to remember? Replace your current entrance with Unilock pavers. With the wide variety of Unilock pavers available, you can choose to install boundary lines, walkways, tile patterns, or even curved steps. If you want your entrance to meld with your existing landscape design, use Unilock to edge flower beds and then guide your visitors right up to your front door. You can even incorporate the pavers underfoot with coordinating walls, raised beds, and pillars. The sky's the limit when it comes to your entrance when you include Unilock in your design.

3. Pre-made Fireplaces. If your landscape design is currently lacking a focal point, consider adding a pre-made fireplace to your yard. Uni-lock's pre-made fireplaces are precision-built in a factory before they arrive at your home. They come with the same lifetime warranty that Unilock's pavers have, and you can match the pre-built fireplaces with pavers for the ground surrounding the fireplace. Because the fireplace is pre-built, it can be installed in a fraction of the time it would take to build the fireplace from scratch on site.

4. Fire Pits. Including a fire pit in your landscape design gives you a wonderful way to socialize with your family, friends, and neighbors. Unilock fire pits are vastly superior to the portable fire pits you can buy at home improvement stores because they are an integral part of your landscape design. When your fire pit matches the rest of your hardscape, it looks like a cohesive part of the whole, and it offers form and substance to your design. You'll love the way your Unilock fire pit looks and performs, and you'll love the added dimension and atmosphere it brings to your home.

For more information about Unilock and how it could transform your landscaping, give us a call. We have the design experience, the skills, and the knowledge to help you know how to turn your yard into the landscape of your dreams. We know that it's possible to create an incredible landscape design with Unilock, and we'd love to show you what we could do with your specific home for your individual lifestyle.

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