December 13, 2012

Think Spring Now for Landscaping in Cleveland

Landscape EnhancementI know winter is just getting started but it is time to think about your spring landscaping in the Greater Cleveland area. There are many reasons to get started early. The first reason is to have an idea of what you want to do and plan it out far in advance. The bigger projects will take lots of planning time and possibly many contractor specialists. The smaller projects will take less time.

Decide exactly what you need to do, such as plantings, walls, patios, fire pits, lighting, structures, fire places, outdoor kitchens, planter boxes, and then plan a budget. Winter is a perfect time to hammer out a landscaping plan. If you hire a professional landscape designer now is the time in the Midwest to avoid the rush in the spring. Investigate the company that your hire to be sure that they are qualified to plan and or install your project. A good size installation will take many weeks and the sooner the better on the starting time.

Clients also must realize that large construction has many hurtles. The first obstacle is weather. I have been in this landscaping business for over forty years and the only thing for sure is you can count on weather delays. Some years have had periods of extreme heat or cold, wet or dry, wind or soggy ground and many more. One of the more challenging delays has been subcontractors.

Specialists such as masons, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, pool installers, granite companies all have to be coordinated. You don’t want the sub-contractors getting in each other’s way. The other problem is scheduling them in the correct order. The sub-contractors usually have a busy schedule in the spring as well as the landscapers. These sub-contractors also are affected by weather conditions too.

Delays also can be traced to back orders on parts and pieces of the project such as stone, grills, pumps, timbers and many others. Another thing to remember is city variance’s that could add a month or more of waiting because that committee only meets at certain times a month.

Research on line by consumers has been helpful to many. There are so many types of materials to choose from. Not only do you have many materials but the combinations are unlimited! This research before calling in a designer is key to help make it all come together. Don’t leave everything up to the designer, your thoughts and style is important to the final outcome of your space. It is important to pick a designer that you are comfortable with throughout.

Once you have your design finished on paper it is important to make any changes before it gets started! Changing partway can be expensive and even cause more delays.

Steps for your outdoor project…….

  1. Get started early, avoid the rush of the busy spring. Doing so will allow you to enjoy your new landscape all season long. 
  2. Decide what you want to do, research products and professional landscape installation companies, 
  3. Set a budget, consult multiple landscape design companies to make sure your budget is realistic. 
  4. Seek qualified help in design and installation. Make sure you see example of their work. Ask them for the names and address of their last three landscape design projects, and if they would mind if you contacted their clients as a reference.
  5. Make changes before you start. This is critical to keep your landscape design project moving smoothly. Making changes in the middle of the project can cause you to quickly go over your budget. 
  6. Prepare for Delays. Working with a professional landscape designer will help you avoid the delays. However, the complexity of your project and the weather can all have an impact on the completion date. 

Taking these steps will help make your landscaping adventure a good one. If you're looking for some great landscape design ideas, make sure your check out our landscape design idea book!

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