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July 30, 2018

5 Best Landscapers Near Me - Cleveland Ohio


Both landscape designers and landscape architects are in the business of transforming outdoor spaces. Yet, there are many misconceptions about what exactly each profession does and how the two differ.

We wanted to help clear up some of this confusion.

Before we look at what separates a landscape design company and an architectural firm, let’s discuss some of the similarities they share...


What’s Similar About Landscape Designers and Architects?

A landscape design company and an architectural firm share the same goal: to design an outdoor space that not only looks beautiful but also feels great to those who use it.

This typically begins with an on-site visit. During this phase, landscape designers and architects are able to gather information about the property as well as learn about the needs and goals of the client. They use this as the fuel for designing sketches that showcase the spatial orientation of the new landscape layout as well as the materials and spacing dimensions.

While creating these designs, clients remain part of the conversation. The feedback they provide helps guide the final design, ensuring that it aligns with exactly what the client wants and utilizes the optimal solutions.


What’s Different about Landscape Designers and Architects?

Landscape design companies are known to have expertise in landscape design as well as installation. With their knowledge of guiding a landscape project from concept to completion, they are able to handle every phase of the process. This can amplify the efficiency of project management as well as lower costs, since the design fee is rolled into the final project’s total.

While landscape architects are highly regarded for their licensure and technical expertise in designing landscapes, they are not trained to build them. That means that a separate landscape contractor needs to brought into the picture to perform the actual install, under the guidance of the architect. So there is a fee that goes to the landscape architect for their design work and a fee to the contractor for the build.

What also separates a landscape design company and an architectural firm is their knowledge of lawn care. People often assume that landscape architects are gardeners and understand how to maintain lawns over time. In reality, though, this group spends quite a bit of time at the drawing table and is rarely involved in those elements of the landscape design. Landscape designers, on the other hand, have a firm grasp on best practices for lawn care and help incorporate factors like mulching and pruning into their landscape projects.

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