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September 20, 2023

Why Is Pruning Important to Your Northeast Ohio Landscape?

Pruning is a critical part of landscape maintenance no matter where you live. But in Northeast Ohio, a region known for its harsh winters, the practice becomes all the more important.

If pruning isn’t already on your radar as a landscape maintenance to-do for the fall, here are ten reasons to make it one.

1. Increased Snow & Ice Resistance

When heavy snowfall and ice accumulate, weaker branches are subject to break. Pruning removes dead and diseased branches so there’s fewer chances for damage to your property.

2. Better Access to Air & Light

Cutting back the branches of trees and shrubs allows air and light to better reach the inner canopies of plants. Light access is especially important in the winter when daylight hours are shorter, while good air circulation is vital to mold and mildew prevention amid Northeast Ohio’s humid summers.

3. Improved Year-Round Aesthetics

When trees and shrubs are well-pruned, a Northeast Ohio property becomes more visually appealing. Even when your landscape is less lush in the winter, plants will maintain an attractive shape.

4. Greater Safety During Storms

Alongside severe winter weather, Northeast Ohio is also susceptible to thunderstorms and high winds. Trimmed trees are better equipped to withstand these harsh conditions as well and keep your property safe.

5. Encouraged Spring Growth

With fewer branches and leaves to support, plants can direct more energy and nutrients toward the remaining branches and new growth. Plants appear lusher in the spring, and fruit-bearing trees and shrubs experience increased production.

6. Better Disease Management

When infected branches are left on trees and shrubs, the disease they carry can quickly spread. Removing infected branches helps prevent the spread of the disease to healthy parts of the tree or shrub as well as neighboring plants.

7. Improved Pest Control

Pests like shady, humid places. By improving airflow and sunlight access, pruning helps create an environment that is less of a breeding ground for and less hospitable to pests. What’s more, going through the step of trimming plants allows for early detection of pest infestations so minor issues don’t have a chance to turn into major problems.

8. Reduced Competition

Plant overcrowding can result in stiff competition for water and nutrients. Pruning helps ensure trees and shrubs have the space they need to thrive. With fewer neighboring plants to contend with, plants can grow stronger and stay healthier.

9. Minimize Debris

Leaves and branches can accumulate in Northeast Ohio yards in the winter. Pruning in the fall allows you to dispose of this debris when it’s drier and easier to manage. It also enables you to reveal a well-manicured landscape come spring.

10. Increased Property Value

Well-pruned trees and shrubs not only increase the curb appeal of your home; it also indicates that your landscape is well-cared for and a worthwhile investment. When you can showcase that your landscape is less maintenance, it can become a selling point for potential buyers.

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