October 17, 2023

5 New Landscaping Trends To Inspire Your Outdoor Space

The cold may be upon us, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop thinking about your landscape. It’s an ideal time to start mapping out ideas for your landscape come spring.

Whether you’re interested in a fully-fledged landscape design or want to make a handful of modest or subtle improvements to your outdoor space, keep these new landscaping trends top of mind. 

1. Multifunctional Spaces

Why have amenities that serve one purpose when they can serve two? Outfit your patio with a dining table that converts into a coffee table for post-dinner relaxation. Or, if you’re thinking bigger, construct a deck with integrated planters that show off your green thumb. You’ll appreciate outdoor living areas that serve multiple purposes, as do buyers.


Source: Pinterest

2. Vacation-Inspired Oases

Staycations have remained a popular way to take time off. So it only makes sense that homeowners are more inclined to recreate the magic of a five-star resort stay at home. Consider installing a curved pool with waterfall features or frame the one you have with plush lounge seating. A pergola offers a shady retreat where you can relax with a book.

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Source: Green Impressions

3. Mixed Textures & Materials

Maybe you’re thinking about a paver patio for your outdoor space. What if you paired a tan paver style with a charcoal-colored border? This is just one example of how to add depth and visual interest to your backyard. Outdoor rugs can add a softness to your patio, while potted plants with different foliage textures offer more eye-catching contrast.


Source: Unilock

4. Water-Conscious Design

If you’re planning to add new plants to your outdoor space, opt for native plants that require less water than their non-native counterparts. Or when you invest in a new paver patio, choose permeable pavers that are designed to reduce water runoff. You’ll not only save on water bills, but you’ll contribute to a healthier environment.


Source: Green Impressions

5. An Emphasis on Privacy

Modern homeowners value how their backyard lets them enjoy the outdoors in a more secluded way. While putting up a fence can achieve this effect, it’s not the only option. You can plant tall shrubs or trees along your property line or drape curtains across your pergola for a similar effect.


Source: Pinterest

Feeling inspired by these new landscaping trends? Connect with the team at Green Impressions. We can work with you to recommend the best design for your landscape and use the ideal installation techniques to bring your new outdoor space to life. It all starts with requesting a free consultation.



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