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January 29, 2015

[New Video] - "Green Impressions Rocks Cleveland!"

Introducing "Green Impressions Rocks Cleveland" introducing a new cast of members from our Landscape Installation Team and a quck tour of today's progress by our President, Joe Schil. 

Also, don't miss the answers from yesterday's trivia questions.

Well, it's day three in the set up and construction of our Great Big Awesomely Cool Cleveland Garden Display. 


We really hope you enjoyed this new video which is one in a progressive series. While you wait on the next Unilock Pillar Award winning video (No such thing;) - below are some additional relevant articles to keep you busy and in case you missed the first video that is below as well. #GreatBigShow. 

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And since we are certain you will not want to miss the completed project of not only our display but the many other great exhibitors at the 2015 #GreatBigShow click on the link below for discounted admission tickets. Just click below and get tickets without even leaving your chair. It doesn't get much easier than that. Enjoy and we'll see you there.


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