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July 27, 2018

Sustainable Landscaping Ideas for Your Northeast Ohio Home

When the topic of sustainability comes up, homeowners tend to think about measures like recycling, powering down electronics and using non-toxic cleaning materials. While all of these elements are important to making homes green, sustainability is not just limited to the inside of homes. It actually begins with the outdoor space.

To get you started, here are five sustainable landscaping ideas for your Northeast Ohio home.

5 Ways to Keep Your Northeast Ohio Landscape Sustainable

Practice Grasscycling

Creating a green landscape can be as simple as reducing the amount of waste you produce. So rather than bagging your grass clippings after you mow, allow them to remain on your lawn. This will decrease the yard waste that accumulates in landfills, while feeding nutrients back into the soil.

Water Responsibly

Grass has a natural tendency to go dormant in the heat of the summer. Rather than constantly watering grass to keep it green, give your lawn time to rest. Too much watering can result in fungus and a shallow root system, whereas infrequent and deep watering can encourage the right growth.

Carefully Use Products

When it comes to the use of products like fertilizers, you need to know which types to use and when to use them. For instance, the overuse of chemical (nitrogen and phosphorus) fertilizers can run off into groundwater sources and add to water pollution concerns. And since lawns are more exposed in the summer, you’ll want to avoid fertilizer applications during this time.

Choose the Right Plants

Plants are an integral part of a green landscape. As you decide what to plant, consider staying close to home with your choices. Native plants require less maintenance since they are familiar with the particular climate, meaning less water, fertilizers and pesticides are needed. They also prevent soil erosion and are better able to filter stormwater.

Responsibly Manage Yard Pests

Yard pests like mosquitos can be quite a nuisance to your outdoor space. Chemical warfare doesn’t have to be the only option, though. With electronic mosquito control systems, you can avoid upsetting the balance of the environment, as there are no sprays or traps required. The systems are also far more effective in terms of providing adequate and long-term protection.

One electronic mosquito control system we recommend is the NuTone Haven’s Backyard Light & Mosquito Repellent Fixture. Find out more about this technology and how we can help make it part of your outdoor space.




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