February 18, 2020

The Right Way to Search For Cleveland Landscaping Jobs

While many individuals may have an interest in the landscaping field — whether it’s in design, installation or administrative capacity — it can be hard to know how to go about the job search.

Case in point: On any given job board, you may find a number of Cleveland landscaping jobs. You notice that many have similar job titles, responsibilities and even benefits. So how do you know which positions are the best ones to prioritize on your list?

While job boards offer a good starting point in your job search, the research you do after you find a position is where you’ll find the answer to this question.

Browse the Company Website

You can learn a lot about the culture, mission and values of a company from their website. Take time to read the About Us page or browse (and even subscribe to) their blog to get a feel for the industry knowledge they share. Each of these resources will help you gain a better perspective on the business as a whole, from their skills and experience to the type of service they provide.

Look at Social Media Accounts

It’s quite common for companies to have social media these days — and whether it’s Facebook or Instagram, these accounts can tell you a lot about the business. While staying up-to-date on company news (including community involvement) as well as other communications, you’ll get a sense of how the business interacts with its users online. Do they take time to respond to all feedback, questions and comments? Are the interactions positive in nature? These are all signs of a company that cares for its community and supports them.

Peruse Customer & Employee Reviews

There’s no better nod to a business than positive feedback from customers and employees. While customer satisfaction showcases the quality of work and service, employee satisfaction signifies a culture where personnel is appreciated and respected. You can find these reviews on the company website or Facebook (among other platforms) and consult them for insights into what it’s like to work with and for a local landscaping company.

The best way to find the right Cleveland landscaping job is to do your homework. Browsing the company website, social media accounts and customer/employee reviews will help paint a clearer picture of the position you are interested in and what your future would look like in that role.

To learn more about Cleveland landscaping jobs with Green Impressions, visit our careers page.


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