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February 15, 2018

How Pruning Shrubs in the Winter Helps Homeowners

Overgrown shrubs are a common problem that homeowners face. Whether rubbing up on the house or scraping vehicles in the driveway, these plants can easily become a nuisance and prompt the need for solutions.

In such cases, many homeowners look to removal or replacement of shrubs as the best option. But what they don’t often realize is that there is a better option available to them: pruning shrubs.

Why Pruning Shrubs is Beneficial

Tearing out and buying new shrubs is not only an expensive process, but it also requires applying more force to your lawn. This is especially true when the root system of a shrub is rather extensive.

By pruning shrubs, you can avoid the cost of having to replace these plants and instead bring current ones back to a good maintainable size. As dead, diseased and pest-ridden branches are removed, the health of the shrub is rejuvenated.

after-pruning-shrubs.jpg end-result-from-pruning-shrubs.jpg

What makes pruning shrubs in the winter particularly beneficial is that the plants are not in food production mode, but rather storing energy in their roots. As such, pruning shrubs in the dormant season avoids interfering with food production and allows for a much more aggressive approach than in the springtime.

How Green Impressions Helps With Pruning Shrubs

During this winter season — before the spring growth begins — the team at Green Impressions has helped several homeowners tackle their unruly shrubs with pruning processes. While the steps taken have varied across different projects, the results have always been healthier, more manageable plants.

In one case, an overgrown shrub was affecting adjacent plants and impeding full access to a homeowner’s driveway. After first decreasing the width of the shrub, our team thinned the plant’s interior to improve air movement throughout its system. We then reduced the overall height of the shrub to make the new plant symmetrical with its narrowed shape. 


In another case, the pruning process was applied to a row of shrubs alongside a home. Our team was able to reduce the height of the shrubs by seven inches and give the homeowner back control of their landscape.


Pruning shrubs is just one of the many landscape maintenance services that Green Impressions offers. To learn more about how we can improve your lawn, contact us today for a free consultation.


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