April 14, 2020

How a Permeable Paver Patio Benefits You & the Environment

When a homeowner chooses to install a permeable paver patio, the benefits are two-fold. On one hand, there’s the positive impact this sustainable structure has on the environment. On the other hand, there’s the positive impact it has on homeowner comfort and safety year-round.

In today’s blog post, we’ll look at the benefits of a permeable paver patio on both sides of the spectrum.

The Environmental Side of Permeable Paver Patios

When rainwater hits the surface of a patio, it can do one of two things: filter into the ground and become groundwater, or float on the surface and become runoff. In the first case, soil acts as a filter that essentially “cleanses” the rainwater of pollutants and large debris. But in the case of stormwater runoff, the water that collects simply runs across the land unfiltered — often picking up harmful pollutants that are then pushed into storm drains and bodies of water.

Whereas concrete and asphalt (both impervious materials) cause water to pool on the surface of patios, permeable pavers provide rainwater with a pathway to filter underground. This is made possible through open spaces between the pavers or the paver materials themselves. While water systems remain free of toxic pollutants, plants and trees get further nourishment.

The Comfort & Safety Side of Permeable Paver Patios

Have you ever stepped outside barefoot in the summer and felt the burning sensation of the patio surface under your feet? This uncomfortable “heat island” effect is common in impervious surfaces — but not permeable pavers. Because water is able to circulate through the materials, a permeable paver patio is outfitted with a natural cooling mechanism that draws heat out of the pavement and keeps the patio surface at a comfortable temperature. (No more scorched feet!)

Then, there are the headaches that come with the wintertime. Amid freezing temperatures, pools of water that collect on a patio, walkway or driveway can turn into standing ice — a slip and fall hazard for homeowners and their guests alike. With permeable pavers, water is quickly filtered through the surface, so water doesn’t have time to sit in the first place and inevitably freeze.

Fewer icy patches on a patio translate into fewer safety hazards in your outdoor space.

Invest in a Permeable Paver Patio For Your Northeast Ohio Backyard

From stormwater management to enhanced use, an investment in a permeable paver patio delivers big returns to homeowners. With products from Unilock, you’ll find that these benefits are paired with a wide variety of paver styles to complement your home’s unique architecture.

At Green Impressions, we use the highest quality landscape products to best serve our clients. That’s why we’ve partnered with Unilock, helping to install and maintain their permeable pavers across the Northeast Ohio area. If you are interested in a permeable paver patio for your yard, we encourage you to request a free consultation.




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