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May 7, 2019

Outdoor Landscape Lighting: 5 Tune-Up Tips for Spring

Keeping up with the basic maintenance of your outdoor landscape lighting has numerous benefits. Not only will you maximize the performance of your system, but you’ll also extend its life span and save on costs that would otherwise go toward new parts or even an entirely new system.

One of the best times to take action is now — before the summer heat kicks in. With that in mind, here are five things you can do this spring to benefit your landscape lighting system.

Tune-Up Tip #1: Check the Connectors and Cables

While cables are buried when a landscape lighting system is installed, it’s possible they could become exposed as time goes on. This can cause subsequent damage to electrical wires.

Before you place these cables back underground, you’ll first want to check for signs of such damage and take steps to fix it when needed. After checking each cable, you’ll also want to make sure that all connectors are joined together so the entire system lights up when turned on.

Tune-Up Tip #2: Straighten Fixtures

Whether it’s strong winds or torrential rain, harsh weather can cause outdoor light fixtures to shift from their original position. Similarly, children or pets may accidentally kick a fixture out of place while playing in the yard.

No matter the reason, it’s important that you take steps to help your outdoor landscape lighting look its best. Take inventory of any fixtures that appear out of place and adjust as needed to preserve their design integrity.

Tune-Up Tip #3: Change Bulbs and Upgrade them to LED

When outdoor light bulbs burn out, a landscape lighting system becomes less effective from a safety standpoint, as portions of driveways or walkways remain dim. But that’s not all: One blown-out bulb can increase the voltage pushed to other bulbs and shorten their life span in the process.

If you’re still using halogen bulbs, tackling this spring maintenance task can be the perfect time to consider a switch to LED bulbs. These types of light fixtures last far longer than their traditional counterparts and deliver substantial cost savings based on their energy efficiency.

Tune-Up Tip #4: Apply Armor All to Clean Lenses

With 24-hour exposure to environmental elements, it comes as no surprise that leaves, dirt and debris can accumulate on landscape lighting fixtures. When this happens, the quality of the light cast by the fixture is impacted.

To keep your outdoor landscape lighting clean and clear, apply Armor All. As your cloudy, dull lenses are restored to their original state, you’ll see more of the benefits in your landscape lighting investment.

Tune-Up Tip #5: Set Timers

Once your lenses are clean, it’s time to set the timer on your lighting system. This step is very beneficial from an efficiency standpoint, as you’ll save energy and still get all the use you need from your system.

After you set your timer to the optimal schedule based on your landscape needs, perform a quick check of the system. If there are any issues with lights turning on when they should be off or vice versa, it could be that the timer is set for the wrong time of day (i.e., a.m. instead of p.m.).

While spring maintenance is crucial to the health of your landscape lighting system, its success starts with the right products. That’s why Green Impressions works with industry leaders like Kichler Lighting and Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting which offer high-quality products that can stand up to harsh weather conditions and deliver efficiency at every corner. To learn more about how our team of professionals can help with your outdoor landscape lighting, request your free consultation.




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