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March 29, 2018

Lawn Care Tips for Cleveland Homeowners This Spring

Spring is an exciting time for Cleveland homeowners. With the arrival of warmer weather and longer days, you have more opportunities to use your outdoor space—whether it’s for a big gathering or simply to relax on your own.

To get your lawn and garden ready for the spring season, it’s important that you have a firm grasp on the lawn maintenance that matters the most. This will ensure that your Cleveland lawn remains healthy and beautiful throughout the upcoming months.

Here are some lawn care tips to point you in the right direction.

Lawn Care Tips For a Healthy Lawn This Spring

Fertilize Your Lawn

Environmental factors like heat and drought can draw out nutrients from soil. Fertilizing your grass can replenish these nutrients and create the foundation for a strong, healthy lawn. Beyond this, fertilization provides the added benefits of preventing weeds and warding off potential pests and insects.

Ensure Proper Mowing

Proper mowing is a combination of timeliness and technique. During the spring, grass should be cut once a week, with the mower adjusted to a higher setting for the initial cuts. This avoids the potential for scalping—or cutting the grass too short—which can make the lawn more susceptible to damage via high temperatures or drought.

Aerate Your Lawn

Spring and fall are the two most popular times to aerate your lawn. With spring aeration, you can speed up the greening process of your grass plants by creating openings that allow for improved air and water movement. As your lawn becomes healthier, disease and thatch buildup become issues of the past.

Deliver the Right Moisture

Notice shades of gray or dull green in your yard? It’s a sign that your grass blades are in need of moisture. With proper watering practices, you can return your landscape back to its fresh, healthy state. The key is to apply the moisture 2-3 times a week (1 inch per week) in the early morning so there is better absorption into the soil and less run-off.

Improve Your Outdoor Space with Our Lawn Care Tips

The spring should be a time for you to enjoy your outdoor space. With these lawn care tips, you can ensure that your landscape continues to thrive throughout the season, making it the perfect space for entertainment and relaxation.

Looking for help keeping your lawn in its best shape? The professionals at Green Impressions are eager to help. We combine the above lawn care tips with a personalized approach to maintenance services, one that results in a perfectly manicured, worry-free landscape.

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