July 30, 2021

Check Out 3 Landscape Lighting Ideas for Walkways

While landscape lighting is an important feature to keep backyard walkways safe and secure at night, homeowners have a lot of flexibility in terms of the style of lights used for this purpose. 

With many landscape lighting styles to choose from, it can be overwhelming for homeowners to make a selection. Playing off the design and layout of your backyard and your home’s exterior can help you land on the ideal pick.

Walkway Landscape Lighting Idea #1: Step Lights

While some backyard walkways lay across flat land, others are situated on sloped surfaces — and include steps to accommodate these elevation changes. Whether intended to connect an upper- and lower-level patio or a grassy backyard to a sunken patio, strategically placed step lights can help guests safely navigate from one backyard locale to the next. Downward-facing lights on each step create a subtle, inviting glow while distinctly highlighting elevation changes.



Walkway Landscape Lighting Idea #2: Uplighting or Downlighting

From the shade they provide to the beauty that appeals to our senses, tree-lined streets are known to draw the right kind of attention. So it comes as no surprise that many homeowners have replicated this look and feel in their backyard — specifically, through tree-lined walkways.

If you’re one of the homeowners who has taken this route, consider uplighting or downlighting as a landscape lighting option. Lights on the ground facing upwards can illuminate the natural beauty of trees, while lights mounted on the lower branches of large, tall trees can simulate the look of moonlight.


Walkway Landscape Lighting Idea #3: Traditional Path Lights

Landscape lighting for walkways doesn’t always have to break with tradition. For many years, path lights have been used to keep the exteriors of homes well-lit — albeit, a shift in the use of incandescent light bulbs to LED light bulbs for efficiency’s sake. 

While the style may be traditional in nature, we’re seeing a modern twist where path lights are becoming a more integral piece of the landscape puzzle. Opt for landscape lighting styles that align with the architecture of your home and the aesthetics of the landscape design, from the colors of the light structures to their modern or antique-like feel.



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